CM – NASA shares a beautiful Hubble image of the galaxy NGC 1385


For a long time, everyone was unsure whether the iconic Hubble space telescope would ever go back to work. Hubble had a hardware failure that prevented the space telescope from performing scientific operations. The good news is that NASA was finally able to solve the problem and get the telescope back to normal.

Now that Hubble is again mapping distant parts of the universe, NASA has shared a new image captured by the telescope. The above image shows the galaxy called NGC 1385. It is a spiral galaxy that is 68 million light years from Earth. NGC 1385 is in the constellation Fornax, the Latin word for furnace.

The images were captured with the Wide Field Camera 3 aboard Hubble, which is responsible for some of the most famous images the space telescope has taken during its decades in orbit. The camera is extremely reliable and extremely versatile, making it an indispensable tool for scientists and mission controllers. Wide Field Camera 3 was originally not part of the space telescope.

It was installed during a mission in 2009, the last time astronauts visited the space telescope. However, the camera continues to function properly even after over a decade of use. NGC 1385 was named Fornax by its discoverer Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille, who discovered the constellation in 1713.

De Lacaille was very productive in discovering and naming constellations. He is responsible for 14 of the 88 recognized constellations today. While many constellations are named after ancient pagan gods, de Lacaille preferred naming constellations after scientific instruments. The constellations he named include Atila, Norma and Telescopium. These names mean air pump, ruler and telescope, respectively.

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