CM – NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter recorded its first audio clip on Mars


In another historic premiere for NASA’s Mars Ingenuity, space fans around the world can now hear the helicopter fly over Mars. In collaboration with NASA’s Perseverance Rover, the rotary wing aircraft managed to record an audio clip. This was the first time that a spaceship on another planet recorded sounds from a separate spaceship.

Even though the Ingenuity’s blades spun at 2,537 revolutions per minute, it seems difficult to hear the helicopter hover over Mars as Perseverance was only 262 feet from the drone’s take-off and landing site. The already thin atmosphere of the planet makes it harder for sounds to move, let alone cut the winds on Mars. To make it easier to hear, NASA edited the recording to isolate the 84 Hertz frequency generated by the spacecraft’s rotating blades.

Initially, scientists kept expectations low, but since the flight David Mimoun, Perseverance’s SuperCam microphone director, said, “This is a very good surprise. This shot will be a gold mine for our understanding of the Martian atmosphere.  »

Check out NASA’s video captured on Perseverance using the Mastcam Z-Imager and SuperCam microphone below.

I’ve seen what the #MarsHelicopter can do – and now I’ve heard it. ? Grab your headphones and listen to the otherworldly hum of the blades of Ingenuity as they headed south to explore new territory on their fourth flight. This is how I captured both image and sound:

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