CM – New CDC mask guide: Vaccinated individuals do not need face covering in most outdoor areas


People fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can safely jog, dine on a restaurant terrace, meet with small groups, and do other outdoor activities without wearing a mask, the Centers for Disease Control said in one updated instructions on Tuesday.

The new guidelines represent a dramatic change in the way federal health officials, who have long insisted that people wear a mask when they are within six feet of others Outside, advise the public to protect themselves now that nearly 100 million Americans are fully vaccinated.

It is not yet clear how the new federal guidelines will affect state and local mask mandates that Californians will post Tuesday morning Had to wear face coverings in most of the outdoor areas. The California Department of Health could not be reached for comment immediately following the CDC’s announcement. Health officials from Santa Clara and San Mateo counties said changes to local masking rules would be based on the state mandate.

While the CDC was far from saying people can take off masks entirely, Director Rochelle Walensky said at a briefing that the new rules show how vaccines provide the public with a safe way to “get back to normal”.

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The CDC guidelines only state that fully vaccinated people must wear masks outdoors when large and crowded outdoor events such as concerts and parades are taking place.

People who have not yet received a shot and are still in the middle of several weeks The process that vaccines need to be fully effective can also move around outdoors and hold small outdoor gatherings with people fully vaccinated without wearing a face cover, the CDC said. Otherwise, unvaccinated individuals should wear masks when participating in other outdoor activities, according to the CDC.

It is recommended that everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated, continue to wear masks when engaging in indoor activities where the coronavirus spreads more easily, e.g. For example, going to the movies, attending church services, or dining in a restaurant.

« Until more people get vaccinated and we still have more than 50,000 cases a day, using masks indoors provides additional protection, » said Walensky .


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