CM – New film about how the Eiffel Tower was a monument to lost love handles France


In France, Gustave Eiffel was always considered a brilliant, but somewhat stubborn civil engineer who only devoted himself to his work.

This week, however, his reputation is likely to change fundamentally: A biopic portrays him as a passionate romantic who as Homage to the woman he loved who built the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel, in which Romain Duris, 47, can be seen as an engineer and the Anglo-French actress Emma Mackey, 25, as Adrienne Bourgès, his lover , opens tomorrow in the midst of a hype about the new Bond film No Time to Die, UK.

Vanessa van Zuylen, the film’s producer, said she hoped it would be « the French Titanic, » a nod to the 1997 blockbuster with Leonardo DiCaprio


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