CM – Nick Gage reveals what Tony Khan said to him on Fight for the Fallen


Nick Gage certainly had an eventful debut in AEW. He was the 2nd worker from Jericho and created one of the most notable accidental product placement moments in wrestling history. Gage appeared on Sean Waltman’s podcast, Pro Wrestling 4 Life, and shared his experience.

« I was cheered. I was born for this moment. The AEW changing room is great. The guys are great. I never felt unwelcome or anything so that was cool. I could focus on what I wanted to do. Then they could leave me alone … I’ll be Nick Gage. They brought me in as Nick Gage. If you don’t want me to be Nick Gage, I’ll go. I felt great and loved it. That game was great. Greetings to Chris Jericho for being a tough guy. It was great, « he said (transcriptions via Fightful).

 » Tony came up to me very excited. When I got to the back he came up to me, I looked the man dead in the eyes and said, ‘You have something great going on here. Thank you for making me feel at home. ”I was thrilled. He said, ‘Thank you, what a great game.’ He showed me nothing but love. ”

The next day, Gage, who was dismantling Jericho picture-in-picture during an ad for dominos, made headlines . Gage said he wasn’t aware of the situation until much later. When he found out he thought it was a weird coincidence.

I tried to cut Jericho’s scalp off my bad TMZ, it is what it is but yeah thanks aew and thanks to all of the MDK gang members we have showed them what’s going on and also sorry, dominoes didn’t want to offend, you think I’m too ultra powerful for television oh, all my new fans come to me at GCW, his MDK all day R0johIQv7B

The 3rd Labor of Jericho will take place on Dynamite tonight. Jericho will take on old WCW rival Juventud Guerrera.

We’re debuting today at 3pm EST on @FiteTV! Tune in to see @TheRealXPac & @Nick_Hausman hack it up (possibly literally) with @thekingnickgage & @TheMattCardona! It will continue to premiere on https: // every Wednesday at the same time! https: //

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