CM – Nikita Mazepin sings a blue song about his current game with the Haas F1 team


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Haas Formula 1 rookie learns the hard way to live with life as a backmarker.

Nikita Mazepin sounds like a driver who thinks the Formula 1 world, maybe even his own Team is after him.

The driver’s latest claim in the first year is that his Haas F1 car is actually heavier than that of his teammate and rookie colleague Mick Schumacher. Mazepin has the feeling that the deck at Haas is somehow stacked against him.

Incidentally, Schumacher has beaten Mazepin in seven of eight races of the season. Nobody finished better than 13.

« I think I drove a very good first lap, I was happy with the positioning, I prepared myself very well to know where a lot of cars might be and how to get past them, « said Mazepin after last week’s race in Austria. « But when you have a lot of laps and long straights and you have a very heavy car compared to the other cars in our team, it’s very difficult to stay in front, so I’m not happy.

 » But I’m waiting just make sure that a new one really has a chance, because at the moment I’m just a sitting duck and do my best at the beginning and then I’m just a carrot that you have to catch and unfortunately I got caught, so that’s it. “

Haas F1 boss Günther Steiner confirmed that Mazepin drove a heavier car than his team-mate. Steiner told European media company The Race that the weight difference “slows him down, but it’s not much. I don’t want to go into the specific weight difference, it’s not very (big). « 

 » The comment perspective that you get from the pit wall is probably very different than if you drove the car for 73 laps  » Mazepin said during a media video conference on Thursday from the location of the F1 Grand Prix of Austria this weekend. « I think everyone has the right to think and they might be right, but I’m pretty sure it has a pretty big impact because it balances the weight distribution and the setup you put into the car. » « There are some factors when you look at it from a mechanical point of view. But on the whole I would say that it is not unacceptable. It just makes my life a little bit more difficult, but I have a very good » team of engineers that help me and my rookie understand how it works better. « 

Mazepin has not scored a point in his short F1 career. His best result was 14th in Azerbaijan. He finished in four of the eight races in 19th or 20th place which resulted in him seeing a lot of blue – blue flags were waved by officials telling him to let faster cars pass.

« I liked our blue color before this F1 -Season very, « said Mazepin. » I wear mei almost every day life blue (Haas team colors) as you can see. But in the race, if you’re just getting caught by one car and slowing down and walking into the marbles and then trying and restarting at a certain pace – which is mostly the case and you get caught again – you kind of fall into that very terrible place.

“The worst thing is when an engineer tells you that five cars are within 2 seconds of each other – all (will) bring out blues and you have to slow down. That happened last weekend I unfortunately. And I think with a slight increase in pace we could gain a lot of race time because we would have less blues, but it didn’t work out last week. Sometimes races are what they are. « 

 » My personal record is 35 blue flags in Monaco, which is almost double the grid of all starters, « he said. » It’s definitely a challenge as little time as possible to lose (blue flag) but I think with the amount of training we’ve got this year I’ll probably get good at it very soon. « 

And yes, he’ll still maze spin off cited some on social media for its spins early in the season.

« Imagine if I didn’t spin a few spins in Bahrain, the maze spin wouldn’t be born, » he said. « I think , the amount of people who are likely to have smiles on their faces is a pretty big amount, and I don’t want these people to have a miserable day. « 

 » You can turn this one instead of the car to shoot. “Günther Steiner’s present for Nikita Mazepin 😂 (via nikita_mazepin / IG) YEgYmI


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