CM – No earthquake: Allegheny County officials say widespread tremor, loud bang was different


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A loud boom that some Pittsburgh residents reported on New Years Day began, according to officials Allegheny County not caused by earthquake.

Allegheny County 9-1-1 has received reports of loud boom, South Hills tremors, and other reports. We confirmed that there was no seismic activity and no thunder / lightning. As of this writing, we have no explanation for the reports, but the agencies are looking ahead.

In the tweet posted around 1pm, Allegheny County confirmed that although Allegheny County is receiving 911 reports of a loud boom from areas like the South Hills The social media reaction to the boom was widespread on Facebook, with residents from the South Hills, Hampton, Carrick, Avalon, Fox Chapel, and Aspinwall posting their homes shaking, rattling, and making noises Make noise.

Jill Tarasi, 42, of Hampton said she was concerned about what was causing the noise after learning that seismic activity had been ruled out.

« It sounded like it would explode a house, « said Tarasi, who was sitting on her couch and working on her laptop, when she heard the noise. « I have friends from all over the world who say they heard it too. »

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