CM – Nobody won the record lottery jackpot of 19 million euros tonight


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IRELAND’S RECORD LOTTO jackpot remains unclaimed as there was no winner of the € 19,060,800 prize in the draw tonight.

The jackpot rolled from June through this week when it was less than € 1 million was below the 20 million euro milestone.

The winning numbers for the drawing tonight were 21, 17, 18, 37, 12, 33 and the bonus number was 23.

The #lotto jackpot was not won tonight’s draw. The full results are available on our website.

A single winner of the prize would become the biggest ever lottery jackpot winner in the history of the game in Ireland.

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For each drawing up to the win, the jackpot remains at € 19,060,800 and the funds that would normally help the jackpot grow go to the next tier where there are winners.

This means that more prize money is guaranteed to be won with non-jackpot prize tiers.

The lottery website and app faced “technical difficulties” prior to today’s bumper draw as it appeared to be struggling with demand for tickets tonight.

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