CM – NSW budget: what’s in it for you?


While NSW could try to rebound after the coronavirus crisis hit the economy, there is still good news for residents in the state budget despite the $ 7.9 billion deficit.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet handed over the state budget on Tuesday, which had a clear nod to frontline workers and regional NSW.

The state government is pushing its Covid response by holding hundreds Providing millions of dollars to deal with the crisis, with a focus on vaccine distribution.

This year’s budget was $ 261.3 million for the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine and the provision of gun strikes. </ Other key expenditures for the state's health efforts included $ 340 million in personal protective equipment for frontline workers, $ 200 million in pop-up testing clinics and contact tracing, and another $ 145.4 million in returned travelers in hotel quarantine potentially in need of medical assistance $ 30 million would be devoted to improving cleaning in health care facilities met.

The Treasurer outlined a plan to tackle juvenile suicide that would include the establishment of 25 child and adolescent mental health crisis teams (US $ 109.5 million) and 57 regional and local mental health specialists rural communities ($ 36.4 million) included.

Another $ 25.8 million would be spent helping police, ambulances and clinical early-response teams work together to respond to mental health situations.

Mental Health Secretary Bronnie Taylor said so more important than ever, especially in regional NSW.

Palliative care services will be bolstered with $ 82.8 million spent on improving community care, especially in regional and rural areas of New South Wales.

Another $ 8.6 million was used to support people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

The state government’s $ 108.5 million for infrastructure projects over four years included $ 12 billion for the Sydney Metro West, $ 3.1 billion for more train connections, and $ 1.3 billion for a new fleet of intercity trains.

Motorists will spend $ 2.7 billion on the M6 ​​(Stage 1), $ 2 billion on expanding the Great Western Highway, $ 1.9 billion on the WestConnex and $ 1.3 Billion US dollars to upgrade Northern Rd and the M12 freeway.

The city’s bus network would also be topped up with $ 588.2 million for new bus services and routes.

The pandemic has sucked the life out of the city and a plan is in place to restore its excitement .

Another $ 50 million has been allocated to the Dine and Discover voucher program, which allows Sydney siders to spend $ 100 vouchers in the CBD on Fridays to encourage recreation for small businesses, Perrottet said > Another $ 20 million would be spent on the CBD revitalization program, which aims to encourage people to return to the city. This builds on the $ 20 million partnership with the City of Sydney to fund initiatives such as the outdoor dining program.

Meanwhile, $ 20 million has been tied into the state government’s lodging voucher program, the would allow residents of NSW to use their vouchers to stay at the CBD.

Mr. Perrottet’s budget also included $ 60 million over two years for the Creative Capital program to support new cultural infrastructure projects in both in the city as well as in the NSW region to encourage community participation in the arts along with cultural tourism.

Approximately $ 40 million will be spent to bring major blockbuster art and museum exhibits to NSW lure, and $ 24 million will be allocated to the arts and culture funding program with a strong focus on funding small and medium-sized art businesses. </ The treasurer announced that it would be spending $ 3.3 billion on 44 new or modernized schools as part of the "largest state school building program in the history of our country".

He also unveiled a $ 100 voucher for children ages three to six who are not yet enrolled in school. Around 43.9 million US dollars will be spent on this.

An additional US $ 150 million was made available to give eligible children approximately two days of free preschool per week.

The new program will replace the existing free Covid-19 preschool program, which will be phased out later this year.

A temporary two-year wage tax cut is expected to save NSW companies approximately $ 2.1 billion – while a permanent increase in the payroll tax threshold to $ 1.2 million is expected to save companies an additional $ 744 million over four years.

An additional $ 20 million will be earmarked for the Business Concierge Service to provide personal support to small businesses through Service NSW.

Approximately $ 9.8 million will be used for the Business Connect program, the small business provides professional business advice throughout New South Wales.

Budget includes $ 259.6 million for quality affordable housing for Aboriginal communities and $ 185 million for targeted education services to enhance First’s learning potential Nations Students.

Other expenses include $ 52.4 million for the Aboriginal Community Housing Investment Fund and $ 43.7 million for the Aboriginal Controlled Health Sector providing targeted health services -Community, especially in regional parts of the state.

Approximately $ 41 million will be used to expand the reparations program for stolen generations, including de r digitize records, and spend $ 34.1 million on Roads to Home program over three years.

Government will spend $ 10 billion on region repair and rebuilding programs, including $ 150 million US dollars over two years to help rural and regional communities fight the mouse plague.

Approximately US $ 590 million was earmarked for storm and flood management and recovery, while US $ 4.5 billion Dollars were earmarked for bushfire recovery and the same amount for drought relief.

The government is allocating an additional $ 268.2 million to fight bushfires in NSW, focusing on expanding its vehicle fleet, improving security, upgrading operating systems, and the hazard research and technology program will.

The treasurer said that over 100,000 women in Australia miscarry each year. Often times, they are forced to take sick leave or annual leave while they mourn and recover.

â € œThis is not acceptable. A miscarriage is not a disease. It is a loss that should be recognized. said Mr Perrottet.

The NSW government is now offering five days of vacation for women who have miscarried or stillbirth, while promoting support for NSW public women whose babies are premature.

Starting in July, the state government is offering additional premature birth leave for NSW public sector employees, which means that parental leave only begins on the day the baby would have reached full term.

Mr Perrottet said this initiative should be implemented across the public sector across the country and he had also had discussions with the private sector.

The NSW government is hoping to lessen the impact of domestic violence with $ 94 million to help victims and their children keep them from being thrown out of their homes.

Approximately $ 4.9 million will enable St. Vincent De Paul to provide sheltered shelters so that women who have fled an abusive relationship can have a safe place to stay.

Attorney General Mark Speakman said COVID-19 has contributed to delays and stressful trials for victims of domestic and family violence.

« We’re investing $ 56.1 million over four years, an additional eight Appoint judges. More judges mean more hearings and faster access to justice, reducing the impact on families, victims and witnesses. he said.

Approximately $ 246.3 million will be spent on renewing the Regional Seniors Travel Card for two years, and eligible seniors living in the NSW area will spend $ 250 each year on fuel, taxi rides, or train tickets

Meanwhile, $ 14.2 million will be used on a cost of living program to raise public awareness of the NSW government’s support.

Budget documents show an investment of $ 200.5 million US dollars over a four-year period for vehicle tax exemption for eligible zero-emission and low-emission vehicles and US $ 171 million for charging infrastructure.

From July 2027 or when battery electric vehicles reach 30 percent of new vehicle sales, However, a road toll of 2.5 cents per kilometer will be introduced for electric vehicles.

“Today we are enacting laws to abolish the stem Electric vehicle pel tax for a greener future where stamp duty on all cars will be a thing of the past, « said Mr Perrottet.

 » We’re building a better system of financing our roads, introducing an electric vehicle toll, but for now if they hinder reaching critical mass. ”Health Secretary Brad Hazzard said emergency patients would benefit from an increase in critical care units, upgrading of life-saving equipment, including aircraft, and a new operations center in Sydney Olympic Park as part of the $ 1.4 billion increase in benefit.

Hazzard said the funding would also pay for new aero-medical aircraft to improve transport times for remote patients and allow 246 paramedics to switch to critical care, more than two thirds are stationed in regional areas.


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