CM – On Lesbos, Afghans are singing their protests against the takeover of the Taliban


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GREECE, Afghanistan – « No to the Taliban » read the slogan on Monday evening in Sappho Square on the Greek island of Lesbos, where asylum seekers gathered for a peaceful protest against the takeover of their homeland by militant Islamists.

About 200 migrants and refugees from Afghanistan – some also from Iran – Waved Afghan flags, sang and sang.

After President Ashraf Ghani’s flight, the Taliban had Afghanistan on Monday under control. Thousands of people tried to flee Kabul with scenes of chaos as the crowds gathered at the airport.

« We have come to show the world what is going on in my country, » said the 35- year old Amidi Rahmazolla, who lives on Lesbos, told AFP.

Her family is stuck in Kabul, her father is old and her brother is sick. She says they want to come to Greece too.

“The Taliban are dangerous people. You don’t want young people to go to school. Women cannot go to university. ”

The protesters expressed concern about the fate of their relatives in Afghanistan. Some told AFP they couldn’t have contacted them.

Some said their families told them they had no access to medical care and that hospitals were closed. They have run out of money and cannot escape.

« I cannot sleep, my family is sick, they need money, » said 29-year-old Abdul haq Salarzay, who has also been stuck on the Aegean island for two years.

He wants to borrow money from friends and also bring them to Greece.

“You are in danger. Maybe I’ll go there to get her, ”he says. « You cannot trust the Taliban. »

However, Greece’s migration and asylum minister Notis Mitarachi ruled out new migration flows from Afghanistan.

« It is clear that our country will not be a gateway for a new wave of refugees », Mitarachi said on local television on Monday.

He also said that two months ago Greece classified Turkey as a safe third country for asylum seekers, including from Afghanistan.

« It’s up to the European Union to Joint Declaration of 2016 « , he said, referring to the agreement with Turkey this year to support migrants in the country and thus reduce the pressure on the EU member states.

 » But also, to support Turkey, which as a neighboring country will be under more pressure than the rest of Europe, « said Mitarachi.

When asked how many people could arrive in Greece, Mitarachi said that it was only » a very small number of newcomers « is u nd added that the country doesn’t want to see the 2015 situation when nearly a million people crossed its borders before moving to northern Europe.


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