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To « Unvaccinated San Diego Police Department, MPs Set a Bad Example for the Public They Need to Protect » (Sept. 2): I am shocked to know that firefighters, paramedics and police officers do not need to be vaccinated. They are in direct contact with every sector of San Diego County – we count on them to protect us and value what they do.

I have a relative who works as a paramedic in the fire department and he has colleagues who put the public and the families of their own colleagues at risk by refusing to be vaccinated. If hospital staff need to be vaccinated, why don’t these public employees follow the same standard? Do we want someone to answer our calls for help and infect someone in the process? We all have things to do that we need to do to keep our jobs. If I don’t follow the rules at my job, I’ll get fired. If these officials don’t want to follow science, they can find other jobs.

On « Survey: Many SDPD officials say they would rather quit than follow the vaccination order » (September 9): I was shocked and appalled to read that « over 90% of San Diego police officers who responded to a survey were against COVID-19 » vaccine mandates. « 

These officials took an oath to protect residents and visitors. They are either extremely ignorant or unwilling to perform their duties, no wonder many people don’t trust or respect police officers.

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