CM – Oscars 2021 live: Minaris Youn Yuh-jung wins best supporting actress


At the 93rd Academy Awards, Chloé Zhao wins the best director for Nomadland, Daniel Kaluuya the best supporting actor for Judas and the Black Messiah. and Glenn Close does « the butt »

Mon 26 Apr 2021 04.00 BST

First published on Sun 25 Apr 2021 21:59 BST

3.59 a.m. BST03: 59

It’s a strange moment now. Usually the best picture is the high point of the night. But now it is quietly thrown out as the third from last. That’s a strange choice, isn’t it? What’s going on?

3.56 a.m. BST03: 56

The # Minari star and Oscar winner Yuh-Jung Youn answers a question behind the scenes at the #Oscars about how Brad Pitt smells: « I didn’t smell him, I’m not a dog. »

3.54 a.m. BST03: 54

Angela Bassett is here to introduce the In Memoriam segment. This has been a really miserable year and the faces of the people we have lost are racing through at a truly unprecedented rate, which only makes it sadder.

3.47 a.m. BST03: 47

The highlight of the pub station is Glenn Close Twerking. Glenn Close twerking during a pub quiz in a train station. And to think that people probably don’t see that.

3.42 a.m. BST03: 42

3.42 a.m. BST03: 42

I took my eyes off the ball for a second and now there seems to be some kind of pub quiz.

3.40 a.m. BST03: 40

It is the HER song of Judas and the Black Messiah. I’m not going to lie, I rooted Husavik for this one. It was the only song that felt burned into the story rather than pinned on. but it’s three thirty in the morning and I’ve long since stopped worrying about things.

3.36 a.m. BST03: 36

Batiste does the lion’s share of the adoption here and he does a tremendous job. He seems to be a fan first and foremost, and his speech is a love letter to the music. Stunning.

3.34 a.m. BST03: 34

A strange moment in the announcement as Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were named first and they were also nominated for Mank. It wasn’t until Jon Batiste was named that anyone knew that Soul had actually won.

3.29 a.m. BST03: 29

Perry tells a story about a woman he helped and needed the shoes. His cloakroom gave her shoes and she wept. He tells a story about his mother and how she taught him to help people and reject hatred. This was a strange night, but this is a big moment for old school Oscars. It’s the kind of thing that deserves an orchestral boost. It gets a standing ovation, but it’s a standing ovation from around a hundred people in a train station, so it feels very small.

3.25 a.m. BST03: 25

In the film, Perry speaks of his generosity. And then Whoopi Goldberg speaks of his generosity. He started a foundation that helps thousands of people and built a studio. The film ends and Perry accepts a humanitarian award.

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