CM – Osher Günsberg speaks in a new SBS documentary about life, death and suicide


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Osher Günsberg wasn’t prepared for the intrusive thoughts of suicidal thoughts at the beginning. Now, he says, he just lives with the brain he was born with – one that « has a tendency toward generalized anxiety, ruminant anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder ».

These tendencies were the reason he attended SBS- Documentary series Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life And Death wanted to work. The series delves into science, innovative technologies and the ancient Australian indigenous connection to the land and how they deal with suicide and mental health. It is part of the eight-part series Australia Uncovered.

After a period of decline, suicide rates in Australia rose again in 2006, according to the Australian Institute of Health & Wellbeing.

« The number of Suicide deaths have increased over time – driven in part by population growth, ”the report said. « Since the mid-2000s, the number of suicide deaths in Australia has risen to around 3,000 Australians who die by suicide each year. »

« Although an individual’s reasons are personal and often complex, the general maximums fall. and lows in suicide rates and deaths – more or less – combined with social and economic events. ”

Many people have wondered about the impact COVID has on suicide rates, even though the data is not yet the pandemic years contained, it said in a Thursday, 16. was not associated with an increase in suicide rates « .

But that does not make dealing with suicide or suicidal thoughts easier. As Osher states in the trailer for the documentary: « Making a show about suicide is very tricky … We have to acknowledge it because you can’t solve a problem if it doesn’t exist. »

In the documentary, Osher talks to people, who have lost loved ones to suicide, and parents who fear losing their children, and looks at the high suicide rates in indigenous communities.

The crew goes to the therapy room with the Blackdog Institute to research how ketamine is Can be used to help people struggling with serious thoughts of suicide. « The bravest thing I’ve ever done was stay alive when I just wanted to die, » says Allen, a patient trying a ketamine treatment.

In the documentary, Osher also speaks to the indigenous Sportsman Joe Williams, who declares: « Our people are the original scientists ». Joe talks about how the country connection helped him through the crisis.

Osher takes the time to realize how complex mental health is and notes that often it’s not just one thing that matters Difficulty for people, which means it can be incredibly difficult to find treatment.

Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death premieres on Sunday, September 19 at 8:30 p.m. on SBS and SBS On Demand.

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