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Approximately 18,438 Nigerians received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) between 2018 and 2020, which is the third most likely country on the list to receive the invitation.

This is in Includes Express Entry 2020 Annual Report published by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

According to the report, Nigeria accounted for 6.5% of all invitees during the reporting period, ranking third behind India and China . Another breakdown of the report shows that 6,907 of the Nigerians who received the invitations were women while 4,735 were men.

Despite the 2020 pandemic, PR invitations in Canada rose 25.8%, down from 107,350 85,300 invitations in 2019 and 89,800 in 2018.

In particular, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) accounted for more than half (54%) of the total invitations issued in 2020, a significant increase compared to 2019 (36%) . the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the three-year reporting period, 931,487 people around the world, including Nigerians, submitted applications to the Express Entry Pool, of which 71% (661,443) were eligible, while 29% ( 270,487) were not eligible to participate. This shows the persistence of people around the world in making Canada their new home.

With that in mind, Canada broke its previous immigration record in 2021 by inviting over 401,000 immigrants, a significant increase from last year is equivalent to. According to the IRCC, 70% of immigrants came from Canada while around 30% came from abroad.

Canada has presented itself as a welcoming environment for immigrants to immigrate to immigrants with a number of raffles across the country in recent years Opportunity to become a citizen.

From a Nigerian perspective, the extent of the economic and infrastructural challenges the country is facing, insecurity, unemployment among others are just a few of the reasons why the Nigerian population and youth in particular move to others Hunt countries in search of greener pastures.

In the third quarter of 2021, Canada saw an all-time high of 912,600 job vacancies due to the recovery in the economy and a significant increase in total employment, a major incentive for Nigerians to choose Canada as the preferred location for settlement to choose.

A report by the Africa Polling Institute shows that a weak The economy, increased insecurity and supposedly poor governance are some of the most important « push factors » driving the upward trend of Nigerians looking for migration opportunities in other countries.

At the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), the is responsible for facilitating the arrival of immigrants in the country, a total of 1.81 million backlogs of applications were pending as of December 2021.

The 1.81 million backlogs include applications for permanent residence permits as well as temporary visas and work visas and study visas. The order backlog has grown by almost 350,000 applications since July 2021. According to the IRCC, this is mainly due to the various measures that are being taken against the coronavirus worldwide, such as border closings and closings.

The increasing emigration of Nigerians to Canada and other countries in the world indicates a great intellectual flight for the country and could have a negative impact on its development. On the other hand, this could lead to improved diaspora remittances for Nigeria, as they would be inclined to transfer funds to their families still living in the country.


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