CM – Part one: Cavani answers your questions!


Edinson Cavani is one of Manchester United’s most popular players right now, with his 17-goal debut season at the club that almost instantly led the Uruguayan to cult status.

It only seems right that the 34-year-old sits in front of our cameras and addresses some of the questions his followers so adore.

Our Q&A session with Edi was so insightful and rewarding that we decided to split it into two parts, with the former PSG man reveals his toughest opponent, the United legend he would have loved to play with and more in this part 1.

Watch Cavani answer a selection of your questions about his celebration, rituals before the game and more …

Caleb from South Africa: Who is the toughest opponent you’ve ever met or met?

“You can imagine that I played against a lot of different opponents, and against a lot of tough ones. But I’ve always said that Giorgio Chiellini was the toughest defender I’ve ever met. We have played against each other in a lot of games and competed all over the field, so I can tell you that Giorgio Chiellini was the toughest defender I have ever faced.  »

Devin from USA: Do you have a pre-game ritual to prepare for a game, and if so, which one?

“Look, I’m not really into rituals, for me the most important ritual I have is knowing that I’m in the best shape I can be when every game comes up. My best ritual is to train hard every day so that on game day I can feel peace and quiet within myself that I am ready to face this latest game and this new challenge that lies ahead. But I don’t have any set rituals before the game. Sometimes I listen to music, spend the time chatting with my teammates and of course always focus on the game, but as I said, I’m not someone who has a lot of rituals. For me the most important ritual is to go into the game ready and prepared. Do you see? Train hard every day so you are ready for the moment the challenge begins. ”

The Uruguayan picks one of the best Serie A defenders as a special nightmare to play against.

Mothusi Botswana: Are there any important lessons you would teach someone who wants to be a striker?

“One of the most important things for any aspiring striker or youngster who wants to play up front, and not just for attacking players, but for athletes in general and mainly footballers. is to have a lot of intuition. Being intuitive will help you read the game on many occasions. It helps you foresee what’s going to happen. And this is absolutely essential when you play because you really need to be prepared for whatever is going to happen next. This is a little of what football, and indeed team sports, is all about. A good anticipation is a real plus for a striker, because you have to stay focused and focused and try to imagine what will happen so that you can anticipate the next move and be a second or even a millisecond ahead of your direct opponent. This will help you and allow you, say, to find the space to score a goal. After that you have to train very hard too! You need to train, keep training and train a little more, work hard and persevere. That is also extremely important.  »

Azrie from Malaysia: If you could play alongside a Man Utd legend for a season, who would that player be and why?

“I think Cantona would be a player I would have loved to share the pitch with! It’s because of his character and the way he lived his football. And as I said, for his personality out there on the pitch. ”

Keep an eye out for the second part of the Q&A that we will be releasing on Sunday. Alternatively, order the Newcastle edition of United Review to read the whole thing.

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