CM – Peloton Treadmills Recalled After Tread Child Death: What Owners Do Next


Peloton will be recalling all of its treadmill models after reporting concerns about the safety of children near the fitness equipment and at least one death. The voluntary recall affects both the Tread and Tread models. Peloton and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advise owners to discontinue use immediately.

It is an unexpected turnaround from the popular fitness equipment manufacturer, which had strongly opposed the call for a recall earlier this year. As recently as April 17th, Peloton denied the CPSC claims, calling them « inaccurate and misleading » and arguing that « there is no reason to stop using the profile as long as all warnings and cautions are followed ».

John Foley, Peloton CEO, today apologized for this stance and for delaying the recall.

« The decision to recall both products was the right one for Peloton members and their families, » Foley said in a statement. “I want to make it clear that Peloton made a mistake in our first response to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s request to recall the Tread. We should have been more productive with them from the start. I apologize for that. Today’s announcement reflects our understanding that by working closely with the CPSC, we can increase security awareness for our members. We firmly believe in the future of connected home fitness and are determined to work with the CPSC to set new safety standards for treadmills in the industry. We have a desire and a responsibility to be the industry leader in product safety.  »

Concerns about the safety of peloton treadmills emerged in March 2021 after the U.S. recall agency confirmed it was investigating reports of children being pulled under the straps of attached fitness equipment. Tread was launched in January 2018 and is Peloton’s most expensive model. It stands out for its connected slat base rather than the cheaper, more common rubber band found on other treadmills. Peloton later announced the Tread, which is far cheaper than the $ 4,295 Tread, which combines the same guided fitness lessons with a cheaper belt design.

General availability of the Tread wasn’t scheduled to begin until May 27, although Peloton was offering some early hardware by invitation only between November 2020 and March 2021.

Peloton denied the safety concerns on the grounds that all treadmills are risky and indicated that plenty of space should be left around the Tread and Tread. The hardware should not be used by anyone under the age of 16. In mid-April, however, the CPSC advised against using the Peloton models.

« I am pleased that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Peloton have reached an agreement to protect users of Peloton Tread and Tread products, » said Robert S. Adler, Acting Chairman of the CPSC. today in a statement. “Under the agreement, which the Commission voted to accept this morning, Peloton will immediately cease selling and distributing Tread and Tread products in the US and refund the full purchase price to consumers who wish to return their treadmills. The agreement between the CPSC and Peloton is the result of weeks of intense negotiations and efforts that culminate in a collaboration agreement that I believe is for the benefit of Peloton and its consumers. I would like to thank the technical staff at CPSC who have worked tirelessly to protect consumers and warn the public. Today we have taken steps to prevent further harm from these two products.  »

It seems certain that there is no immediate solution that will make the treadmills back home to users anytime soon. Peloton is « working on additional hardware modifications, » says the CPSC, but the sale and distribution of the Tread has since ceased.

Those who have a tread or tread should contact Peloton for a full refund, according to the CPSC. It’s unclear whether Peloton will be able to remotely turn off the treadmills that are still in the wild as they are linked together.


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