CM – Police: Butler policeman shoots man accused of stabbing him


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A butler policeman shot a man Tuesday morning, according to state police, after the man killed the The police did not immediately identify the man or the officer, nor did they disclose the officer’s condition. They found he was being rushed to the hospital.

The incident began with an 911 call from a man who, according to a Pennsylvania State Police press release, « acts erratically, jumping in and out of oncoming traffic. » The news release did not contain any details as to the time of the incident.

Butler City police met the man on West Jefferson Street and the interaction ended with the man stabbing an officer and the officer fatally shooting the man, the company said Police with.

** Official involved in filming in Butler City ** On-camera interviews will be offered at 10:30 am today at PSP Butler Barracks.

How many officers reacted to the first call about the man’s behavior, the police did not say. They said there was no threat to the public.

Officers from the State Police Force D Barracks are investigating along with the district attorney and the coroner, according to the notice.

** Official involved in filming in Butler City ** In front of the camera interviews will be offered today at 10:30 am in the PSP Butler Barracks.

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