CM – President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s book is due out in October


Penguin Random House announced that President Barack Obama and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen, in collaboration with Higher Ground, will publish the book RENEGADES: Born in the USA on October 26th.

The book is a collection more open , more intimate and entertaining conversations between the 44th President of the United States and the singer “Born in the USA”.

“Over the years we have discovered that we have a common sensibility. About work, family and America. Bruce and I have traveled in parallel in our own way to understand this country that has given us both so much. Trying to record the stories of his people. In search of a way to connect our own individual search for meaning, truth and community with the greater history of America, « writes President Obama on the first pages of the book.

The book is based on the conversations that Obama and Springsteen on their Spotify podcast Renegades. On the podcast, the two legends share exclusive stories about life, music and their enduring love for America and the book continues. RENEGADES also shows exclusive photos from the personal collections of both authors and unprecedented material, including Springsteen’s handwritten texts and Obama’s commented speeches.

In Springsteen’s opening dialogue, he writes: “There were serious conversations about the country’s fate, his fortune Citizens and the destructive, ugly, corrupt forces that want to destroy everything. This is a time of vigilance when we are being seriously tested. Hard conversations about who we are and who we want to become can perhaps serve as a small guide to some of our fellow citizens … This is a time to think seriously about who we want to be and what kind of country we will leave our children with. Will we let the best of us slip through our hands or will we face the fire together? You won’t find the answers to these questions in this book, but you will find some seekers who do their best to get us to ask better questions. ”

The English language print edition will be 320 pages and more than Includes 350 color photos and illustrations. The suggested price is $ 50.00 in the US and $ 65.00 in Canada. The digital edition costs $ 17.99 in the US and $ 21.99 in Canada. Please visit for more information.

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