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Allison Baden-Clay’s sister was recognized for her tireless commitment to preventing domestic violence.

Vanessa Fowler, who recently announced that she will succeed veteran journalist Kay McGrath as co-chair of the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council, has received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to social welfare organizations.

Allison, a mother of three and accomplished ballerina who spoke multiple languages, was murdered by her husband Gerard in 2012.

After her sister’s murder, Ms. Fowler helped found the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation and assumed the functions of director and chairman of the board.

The foundation has worked to educate the public on how to be an « effective bystander » and recognize the signs of an unhealthy or dangerous relationship.

“I am honored that my personal commitment was recognized by this award. I share this honor with my family and those who work tirelessly for the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation, ”said Ms. Fowler.

Ms Fowler has said that she wants to spend her time at the head of the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council to educate young people.

The mind behind the new Brisbane Live Arena and Entertainment District, Mr. Lister was instrumental in delivering over 40,000 major gigs.

From Olympic Games and Rugby World Cups to concerts of the greatest contemporary music, if it’s a crowd puller, the name Lister is behind it.

In its 50-year career, its venues have hosted stars such as Billy Joel, Pink, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Luciano Pavarotti.

Now, the Chairman and CEO of ASM Global (Asia Pacific) has been awarded an AM for outstanding service to the arts, tourism, sports, and event management and events industries. The father of four and grandfather of four, who lives in Hamilton with his wife Margie, said it was a great honor. « I am truly humble and want to thank my family and the many people who have been with us throughout my career for their generosity, loyalty and camaraderie, » said Mr. Lister.

Mr. Lister started out in public relations for Myer in 1971 and quickly moved into the entertainment industry. In 1986 he expanded the venue management division with the opening of the Brisbane Entertainment Center. ASM Global now manages more than 350 major venues worldwide, including Suncorp Stadium and the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center.

One of Australia’s most respected cultural workers, Brisbane art dealer and philanthropist Philip Bacon was featured on today’s Queen’s birthday list.

Mr. Bacon, 74, was named a member of the Order of Australia in 1999 and was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2001. Now he adds to these honors an AO (Officer, Order of Australia) for outstanding service to the arts, social and cultural organizations and by supporting young artists. The Philip Bacon Galleries in Fortitude Valley are considered by many to be Australia’s finest commercial art gallery, and Bacon is a national figure sitting on the boards of Opera Australia, the National Gallery of Australia and the Brisbane Festival.

Without much fuss or fanfare, he has made a huge contribution to the arts sector through his philanthropy and sponsorship.

« When I was lucky enough to be awarded an AM in 1999, I was thrilled and totally surprised because I was just working in an area that I loved and doing what I enjoyed and absolutely believed in, » said Mr. Bacon (pictured)) said.

“That said, the arts were important, artists were important, the institutions that produced shows and exhibitions were important, and I would, and should do all I could to help ecology thrive and grow .

The Archbishop of Brisbane, Venerable Dr. Phillip Aspinall, welcomed his Queensland Birthday Award, which he believed recognizes the tireless work of many in the Church.

« In these times of deserved criticism of the Church, it is comforting to know that so many believers give themselves generously and compassionately to serve others. »

Archbishop Aspinall’s Companion (AC) of the Order of Australia (General Division) serves the Anglican Church of Australia.

It recognizes the development of ecumenical relationships and professional standards through commitment to social justice and welfare.

« I hope the Church can be there for all who seek spiritual guidance and support, » said Archbishop Aspinall.

He has been Archbishop of Brisbane since 2002. From 2005 to 2014 he was Primate of Australia, the highest position in the Anglican Church of Australia.

Within two weeks of his appointment as Archbishop of Brisbane, he opened an independent investigation into handling allegations of sexual abuse and encouraged victims to come forward for help and take appropriate action.

One of Queensland’s great gentlemen of the press was again honored for his leading role in the Australian media, this time with an Order of Australia for Merit to Print Journalism.

Greg Chamberlin, editor of The Courier-Mail during the 1986-87 corruption investigation that led to the groundbreaking Fitzgerald Inquiry, received a 2015 Queensland Clarion Award for Leadership in Journalism.

When informed that he was on this year’s list of honors for the Queen’s birthday, he displayed the humility that is a hallmark and questioned whether there had been any bureaucratic mix-up.

In 1962, Mr. Chamberlin first entered the editorial office of the Toowoomba Chronicle.

He grew up on a farm in the small hamlet of Gowrie Little Plain in Darling Downs, where the idea of ​​a journalistic career was largely a foreign concept.

« I suppose the journalist was seen as some kind of gum-chewing person with a press pass in his hat band, » he said.

His extraordinary career took him to Brisbane and then Canberra, where he was the baby of the press box as a young man in his early twenties and covered the Holt government in the late 1960s. This was followed by a scholarship from the World Press Institute that sent him to the United States, where he traveled through 41 states and met outstanding figures of the Nixon era, including the 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern.

But it was at this time in late 1986-87 that, as deputy editor and later editor of The Courier-Mail, he recognized one of the great formative periods of his career.

The « problem » was illegal brothels in Fortitude Valley, and the first reporter Gordon hired to cover the matter, which involved close deals with the city’s criminal underworld, was quickly persuaded to drop the investigation.

Fearless reporter Phil Dickie got his hands on the story and wouldn’t let go. As lawsuits increased, Mr. Chamberlin kept his nerve, relying on the in-depth legal advice of attorney Doug Spence to navigate his way through a legal minefield while he continued to pursue the problem of state corruption.

« I think we had about 17 papers when the Fitzgerald investigation started, » he said.


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