CM – Rams keep Johnny Hekker, exchange Corey Bojorquez for Packers


A THOUSAND OAKS – The Rams held popular player Johnny Hekker and traded talented challenger Corey Bojorquez as they slashed their roster to the regular season’s 53-man limit on Tuesday.
Sticking to Bryce Perkins, the Rams made the unusual decision to keep a third quarterback on the active squad instead of risking another team claiming him if they surrendered with the intention of getting him back To bring training squad to impose.

Cuts included insider linebacker Micah Kiser, a fifth round draft pick in 2018, and defensive lineman Earnest Brown IV, a fifth round draft pick in April.

The return of Xavier Jones, who injured an Achilles tendon in the last preseason game of the Rams, was omitted. The team plans to return him to the injured reserve.

31-year-old Hekker, a four-time all-pro who is in his 10th

Bojorquez, 24, a native of Bellflower who played at Mayfair High in Lakewood and Cerritos College in Norwalk, was signed as a free agent in April after finishing the league with an average of 50.8 last season Yards had led the Bills.

Expectations that the Rams would keep him above Hekker grew when Bojorquez had a spectacular game against the Broncos on Saturday while Hekker was on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Hekker stayed on the COVID-19 list after 10 days on Tuesday and was on the sidelines but was not allowed to train.

The Rams announced on Tuesday afternoon that they had traded Bojorquez for the Packers, allegedly for two drafts.

The resulting Rams team has new leaders as quarterback in Matthew Stafford and running back in Darrell Henderson, and recently acquired Sony Michel, a new deep threat wide receiver in DeSean Jackson, and a new defense caller in security Jordan Fuller .

Offensive Line: Andrew Whitworth, Rob Havenstein, David Edwards, Austin Corbett, Brian Allen, Joe Noteboom, Bobby Evans, Alaric Jackson, Max Pircher (International Players Pathway), Coleman Shelton (COVID-19 reserve list)

Line of defense: Aaron Donald, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Greg Gaines, Bobby Brown III, Michael Hoecht, Jonah Williams, A’Shawn Robinson

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