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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident that Manchester United’s « enormous » away fans will do whatever they can to help the team against Southampton on Sunday.

The boss clearly believes that United’s travel support is a must is the best in the country and believes that when they return after 17 long months they could be the key to silencing St. Mary’s on Sunday.

A positive result would see the Reds hit an all-time record , and Ole was also asked about it in his exclusive pre-match interview with the club media …

Ole, I can start by asking about Denis Law and the sad news that came out last week. I think the whole football world has probably shown what they think of him since then …

“He came to the game on Saturday and I met him when we got off the ground and he was obviously very happy with the result. He smiled and was his bubbly self. It surprised me and of course it’s a sad situation. But we know his family will take care of him. We are his family too and he will come to games. I know that research has been done on this terrible disease and hopefully we won’t see too many situations like this in the years to come as youth football has changed. There are also rules or guidelines for the new balls in the Premier League and in development. Hopefully that will make a difference.  »

Looking ahead to this weekend, you obviously had Raphael Varane here for a week of training. How is he? Is he ready or is it a little soon and how is he?

« He’s kept fit, he’s a naturally fit boy and of course he’s had a good week this week so he’s getting through the last session now, if that goes well he’ll probably travel with us, yes. » / p> While United Travel Support is looking back on its first trip in 17 months, the boss explains why they are so special …

Was there anything that surprised you about working with him or is he exactly what you thought?

“He’s exactly what you think. If you look at him from a distance, you see that there is a professional guy out there, a humble guy, he’s a winner. He’s still asking questions, he wants to learn how we want to play quickly, and he works hard. He wants to do the foundation first before he goes into a very intense season, I’m sure of that.  »

And after his long break, Edinson is also back … « Yes, we are a full-fledged squad. Edi takes care of himself as always. He’s had a couple of sessions now and he’s good looking. ”

With those players back, and Jesse and the olympic guys too, I suppose that gives you a nice problem?

“A big challenge, of course, but that’s where we want to go: a strong squad. Good starting XI and a view of the stands, teammates who encourage and support their team and who want to get in and make a difference.  »

Is Dean back after his COVID absence?

“Yes, he trained. We have to gradually rebuild him so that he can start his rehab program.  »

The guys out there, Marcus posted on social media that he had a successful operation on his shoulder, but from your point of view does it look okay after that?

“He seemed very pleased with the operation. He works in the gym so we see him every day and he’ll be chewing on the piece as it gets near, when he can come back. Of course, any break from injury is a tough time, but it’s also time to think and find yourself again. That’s what we hope Marcus will happen. ”

The Solskjaer squad is full of talent after six players started training this week. So who is going to travel?

And is Alex Telles on his way back from rehab?
« Yes he is. Work really hard and another one who’s getting a kickback, but you can sit down and sulk or you can go back to the gym and work hard and make sure you’ve worked on different things when you get back. Alex did. » showed a tremendous attitude towards rehab.  »

Quite a few guys are on loan or are being loaned out. Is there a lot of interest in others too and do you expect more to go before the end of the window?

“Yes, we have a lot of good young people who need football. We have teams that want to take them over. It’s about finding the right step, the right team, the right club, the right manager, the right style of play that suits us. We keep this in mind when we receive inquiries.  »

Is Anthony Elanga fit again?

“He’s not quite fit yet. He’s doing his rehab, but he’s working hard on the lawn. At least he’s out in the gym and out in the fine Manchester weather! ”

Ole spoke to the media about Edinson and his fitness during our pre-game press conference.

The away game is back after a long time – what did you miss most about the away fans?

“You know, we had a great season away from home last season. But to silence the crowd, manage the game and make your fans sing … we have the best fans, not to mention the away fans, but the away support has always been great. For me it started as a manager against Cardiff and we have had very, very good support ever since. We always do that and of course it’s great to have her back. I guess some have made the trip south.  »

There have been some amazing results and accomplishments last season. I was just wondering if there is a game that you really missed the fans? We didn’t see them last season, but was there one game that you thought would have been great if they were here today?

“There are so many, but most of all the way we came back with Edinson and his two goals in Southampton. It was a big, big day for us. ”

It could be an all time top flight [shared] record if we don’t lose this weekend. That’s quite an achievement if we can do it, isn’t it?

“Ifs and buts. We never think that way. Never, ever think like that. We just need to focus on performance and make sure everyone is ready. Of course the thrust and adrenaline from the first league game is there and the energy is there, the self-confidence is there. This is a new game, a different challenge. You have away fans, you have to silence the home fans and the game starts 0-0. « 

The boss talked about Raphael’s first week of training and why he always saw him as a red in the making.

The competition for the seats are tough but the manager is full of praise for Jesse and says his chances will come.

Edi used social media to thank the fans for the song we expect he’ll soon ring the doorbell at Old Trafford!


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