CM – Reggie Jackson delivers while Clippers defeat Magic


LOS ANGELES – Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard each scored nine points in the fourth quarter – including Jackson’s game winner, 2.2 seconds back as the crowd chanted his name in anticipation – to help the Clippers drive the Orlando Magic 106- 104 on Saturday at Staples Fend Off Center.

Jackson shot 11 for 21 and finished with a team high of 25 points, adding to Luke Kennard’s 23 in 8v16, including a career high of seven 3-points in 11 attempts from behind Arc.

After seven consecutive points of « Regggggieee » as public address spokesman Eric Smith sang during the Splurge, Jackson fired a shot and looked like he was being gassed, at least until Kennard and his teammates – and a supportive one Afternoon crowd of 17,156 – gave a boost.

After Cole Anthony made two free throws, Jackson jumped into the field and delivered a pass to Kennard, who was stationed behind the arch, to reach his career high of 7.

Terrance Ross made two more free throws when Orlando was enjoying himself on the line, taking 22 of 24 off the streak, while the Clippers only scored 4 of 6.

Ross – who lost 51 points to the Clippers as a member of the Toronto Raptors in 2014 – ended the fourth quarter with 12 of his 22 points. Anthony scored 23 points on the team, including the 3-pointer, which connected the game at 104 with 23.6 points.
This season, the Magic (5-22 total) now have a 2-14 record since Nov. 10 and are 0-4 on their 5-game Western Conference street swing.

With the win, the Clippers (15-12) have won 17 of their last 20 games against Magic from the 2011-12 season.

After playing seven games in eleven days, the Clippers enjoyed two days of no game before hosting the Magic.

But with Paul George (sprained elbow) and Nicolas Batum (sprained ankle) unavailable, some of the clippers that raced against the Magic would have been fresh anyway: Justise Winslow saw his first meaningful move in a while and a 20-year-old rookie Brandon Boston Jr. came into play after playing just 146 minutes in his first 13 NBA games.

After Boston’s 27-point breakout in the Clippers victory over Boston on Wednesday, it was certainly included in Magic’s scouting report.

Nonetheless, Lue recently said the former Duke standout deserved game time that came Saturday when he played his first essential minutes since the Clippers beat Dallas on November 2nd.

« He did everything right, he works every day, is in the gym, even on non-working days, on blackout days, he’s in the gym, he’s involved in the shootarounds, the coverage, so this becomes his opportunity get, ”said Lue. “He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just like the composition of our team at the moment, what we need on the ground and demarcate the ground while shooting and that sort of thing.

« He was great, a real professional, and we have to try to find a way to get him on the floor at some point. »

The Clippers beat Orlando by nine points in the eight minutes. Winslow was on the pitch in the second quarter when the hosts beat the Magic 26-14, holding it on 4-of-18 (and 1 for 10 from depth).

After a deficit of 22:13 from the gate, the Clippers went into halftime with 49:44.
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Orlando used a 13-4, three and a half minute run to level an eight point deficit and tie the game at 57 at 7:07 to play in the third.

Winslow logged 15 minutes, finished with nine points in 4v9, collected five rebounds, assisted with a few baskets and made a positive impact by taking Chuma Okeke 7:42 ahead of the game and the Clippers took the lead just 88-86 before knocking down a corner 3 a little over a minute later to extend that weak lead to 91-88.

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