CM – Richard Dunne: Harry Kane could be the catalyst for United to challenge again, but City is the right move for Tottenham Ace



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I couldn’t play Harry Kane in my career. I was at QPR but didn’t play when Spurs beat us 2-1 in the Premier League and Kane scored two goals in half an hour. He ragged us.

I think I could already see then that he was the ideal center forward for the Premier League. He’s the perfect physique that allows him to hold the ball and hold it up to play in other players. But his degree sets him apart from the rest. Fatal in the box, he’s one of the premier league’s great strikers of the past decade.

He reminds me of Fernando Torres at his peak in Liverpool or Sergio Aguero – strikers you just can’t miss.

As a teammate, you would spend your life trying to achieve a goal that you need. They’re just so confident they know how to be clinical – and Harry Kane is spot on with these players.

He disappeared from Spurs and you can’t blame him – Tottenham abandoned Kane. He brought them up to par and they as a club seemed to think that was enough.

Shut down

Chairman Daniel Levy made Luka Modric’s move to Madrid « torture » after previously blocking a move to Chelsea (Mike Egerton / PA)

The chairman came out and admitted she was playing the ball lost sight of them by focusing on the new stadium.

You’ve done your part and want to see investment in the team by getting the right players and the right manager to build a team that can be successful.

You had a chance and you took it escape – and they are now far from being able to fight for the title. They need to be rebuilt, and Kane doesn’t have time to wait for this to complete. By the time they might pose a challenge to the league, he’ll be 32 or 33 years old. For him, this is the season he needs to move.

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If I were in Kane’s shoes now, I would advise him to go to Manchester City. It goes without saying that he would leave Spurs, just a matter of where he is going next.

It’s usually the way in the world that if a player has leaked out and asked to move, as happened at Kane this week, that if a player has a good idea of ​​where to go.

There is a big question mark over each of the possible goals for Kane to consider when deciding on his ambitions.

His goal could be to win the golden shoe, to score all the goals, and will he be able to play enough games in City to do that?

If he wants to win trophies, is there any guarantee he will win at United?

If he goes to Chelsea, will he have a different manager every year and never be able to settle into a system?

If he goes to City he will be a starter, but he is not guaranteed that he plays like City every week – and I’m not even sure if City needs such a high-profile striker.

If you sign him, you have to get used to Kane and get him fit. These steps don’t always work: I remember when Pep Guardiola signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Barcelona and it never worked out. He just couldn’t fit into their system and I’m not one hundred percent sure Kane is the type of striker City needs.

But when he’s in the phase of his career where he is only winning and by the big picture If he wants to stand in the final, this is more or less guaranteed to him in Man City, as long as Guardiola stays there. So if I advised him, I would push him towards the city.

If I were him, I would – if City wanted me. It’s the only club where you can say you’re guaranteed to win something every year.

But if « just » trophies are not enough and he wants the individual awards, if he wants to be the Premier League’s top scorer and player of the year, he is more likely to be the « leading man » at United.

He could be very special at Old Trafford as United are not far from where they need to be. They’ve improved lately – and signing Kane would make them even better, although they still need a middle half there.

Signing Kane would give them a starting point as you know Kane plays as number 9 every week, that’s the focus of the team.

United doesn’t have that right now. They have Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford, but they are moving forward that might land on the wing or fall low to get the ball.

You can see with United that if Edinson Cavani is playing they are more of a threat. They get crosses in the box knowing the odds will arise – and having Kane by their side would give them a starting point to be a real threat.

If you have such a player at yours Side, the opponent is so focused on him that he fails and sets others free for a threat. So he could mean the difference between United second place and actually winning trophies. He’s the one who can guarantee you 20-25 goals per season.

Even if the team does not play well, he can make the difference in the games he has worn Tottenham this season – not only with his goals, but also with his assists, as he is at times a No. 10 and was a # 9.

Signing him will make a great player, but Spurs is solely responsible for the loss.

Premier League

While the title race and relegation battle are settled, there is still a battle for European places in the final round of the Premier League season 2020-21 games on Sunday.

Premier League

Tottenham striker Harry Kane gave the biggest indication yet that he is ready to leave the club and says he will control his own future.


Tottenham has admitted that « sometimes interruptions are needed to bring about change » after the board finally gained the trust of supporters.

Premier League

If Tottenham Hotspur were hoping to produce a dazzling performance that could convince Harry Kane that his future lies with them, then it wasn’t.




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