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According to a late article in Variety about Dave Filoni’s promotion to Executive Creative Director, which Variety said took place last summer but was only updated on the Lucasfilm official website this week, is one of the four Mandoverse Disney Plus Projects no longer in development. Along with The Mandalorian, which began production of its third season in California early last month, The Book of Boba Fett, due out in December 2021, and Ahsoka, Rangers of the New Republic, would be the Rangers of the New Republic after the battle of in-depth advocacy and show Cara Dune, but given Lucasfilm and Disney’s decision not to take on Gina Carano’s contract, Variety claims the show is no longer in active development.

In December, the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, announced that Filoni and Favreau are producing several “Mandalorian” spin-offs for Disney Plus, including “The Book of Boba Fett,” which is currently being filmed and premiered in December, and “Ahsoka,” starring and based on Rosario Dawson Character created by Filoni in « The Clone Wars ». (A third announced spin-off, « Rangers of the New Republic », is not currently in active development.)

Kennedy also said that these spin-offs, all within the same timeline, end up in a « storytelling. » Event « will culminate. Filoni’s title as Executive Creative Director captures the intricate role of overseeing both individual series and a larger storyline that ties multiple shows together. Given Filoni’s galaxy-sized « Star Wars » expertise, he has been known to weigh other « Star Wars » projects outside of his direct jurisdiction.

That doesn’t mean the show won’t take place anywhere down the line. No word has been given about his fate and Lucasfilm has many more projects in the works, but at the moment it appears that a quarter of Mandoverse projects have hit the pause button.

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