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CM – SAFF Championship HIGHLIGHTS India vs. Sri Lanka: 0-0, India can take another draw

India vs. Sri Lanka: Welcome to Sportstars Blog about the SAFF Championship Match, which will be played at the Maldives National Football Stadium.

The Indian soccer team has won the SAFF championship seven times. – AIFF

Hello and welcome to Sportstars Blog of the India vs Sri Lanka SAFF Championship 2021 game that will be played at the Maldives National Football Stadium.

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India continued its frustrating run in the SAFF Championship 2021 with a 0-0 draw against Sri Lanka in the Maldives National Stadium in Male on Thursday.

Despite several attacks the Indian Tigers could not break the impasse and ended the game with a frustrating goalless draw, the second in the tournament so far.

FULL TIME | #INDSRI @IndianFootball’s performance against Sri Lanka ends in a stalemate! #IndianFootball #BackTheBlue pic.twitter.com/B2S8FrZvOX

90 5 ‘chance! Subhasish heads the ball, but Sujan hits it to stop the ball immediately. He was the star of today’s game

90 3 ‘Every Indian striker is now flagged as Sri Lanka seeks to limit India to a goalless draw in this game

89′ Chance! Yasir’s cross into the penalty area meets Subhasish, who barely misses the net. Sujan back on the ground

86 ‘Chance in Sri Lanka but the cross is intercepted well. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan head coach has also received a yellow card

Aakib is substituted for Razziq and Shifan for Waseem for Sri Lanka. Manvir comes on for India when Mandar Rao Desai leaves the field

79 ‘Chance! Farukh drills the ball, which whizzes past the post while the Idian striker is surrounded by three Sri Lankan defenders

78 ‘Harsha (Sri Lanka) finally on his feet after medical treatment. Stimac continues to shake his head, frustrated with what he sees with Lanka’s tactics

77 ‘Sri Lanka are back in a draw as Perera and the Sri Lankan defense try everything to slow the game

72′ Sujan Perera booked now because of a waste of time! Yellow cards already in abundance

The game heats up as the Sri Lankan players demand a booking for Farukh’s challenge in the box. The referee does not pay attention to their demands

70 ‘Yellow card for Stimac! Stimac and referee quarrel when the Indian head coach is warned by the referee

68 ‘Anirudh Thapa cross misses Bheke as Farukh and Sahal are on the field as two substitutions for India

A little reminder here: Sunil’s goal if he scores a goal he will catch up with Pele in the international goal record of 77

60 ‘MISS! Mandar Rao’s cross misses Anirudh Thapa while India misses another chance.

58 ‘Chareeta goes down; he might need medical help now. He is back on his feet when the game resumes

57 ‘Flank game between Tasir and Mandar. India is singing with its attack – one by one now

54 ‘Save! Sunil Chhetri headed out from Sujan while India narrowly missed a chance to advance. Sunil holds his head in his hands. He can’t believe it

52 ‘Miss! Udanta makes a right run to fly a cross. Although Sujan misses, no Indian is present to receive the ball if it goes out of play

49 ‘Chance! This time Colaco crosses the ball, but Sujan has swallowed it again

48 ‘Nice cross from Mandar after a pass from Yasir. But Sujan is still rock solid between the sticks

46 ‘Sri Lanka tries to launch an attack, but Martins mitigates the development and sends him to Liston, but nothing comes of it

Although India has more chances scored, failed to open the goal as the results are zero.

HALF-TIME | # INDSRI @ IndianFootball still needs to find the net at halftime! #IndianFootball #BackTheBlue pic.twitter.com/lRqjLw8hwY – Indian Super League (@IndSuperLeague) October 7, 2021

HALF-TIME | # INDSRI @ IndianFootball still needs to find the net at halftime! #IndianFootball #BackTheBlue pic.twitter.com/lRqjLw8hwY

45 3 ‘Sri Lanka now only wants to defend and keep the score 0-0 for the time being. The men in white have no real intent to attack yet.

43 ‘Yellow card for Suresh! The lack of goals leads to frustration among Indian players as Suresh steps into the book

42 ‘With the first half almost over, India continues to try to create something that is not yet bearing much fruit

39 ‘Thapa’s free kick from Sujan Perera. He has been the busier keeper so far

38 ‘India tries to play in traingles when Chameera defeated Colaco to stop development

36′ Bheke shoots the ball in the Indian half from the left, as the game resumes

33 ‘Sunil Chhetri is very annoyed with the players and instructs them to improve as the team hardly attacks in the first 30 minutes.

32′ Good cross into the box , an experienced goalkeeper Sujan judges the ball correctly and takes it in his hands. He discards the field. He looks hurt. Medical attention is required.

32 ‘Chance! Colaco’s pass to Chhetri wasn’t good enough as India’s further attack fizzled out. Sunil shakes his head in frustration.

30 ‘Thapa takes the corner kick at Udanta. The shot goes wrong. India is finally on the trail of attack.

29 ‘Shot by Thapa on Chhetri who misses a header

26′ Udanta makes a great run but the pass to Seriton stops the game as he is offside stands

25 ‘attack by Sri Lanka on the left after a mistake by the Indian defense. However, the ball is well controlled by the men in blue to avert further development

22 ‘CHANCE! Liston Colaco makes a run down the left for a header that flies past the target. First real chance for India so far in this match.

19 ‘A free kick by Anirudh Thapa is again blocked by the Lankan defense. Indiaa has a clinical impression in passing with a passing accuracy of 82% compared to 58% for Sri Lanka

18 ‘foul on Sunil Chhetri but an apology was followed by a caution from the referee. No bookings involved

16 ‘The Indian fans keep cheering, but the Indian team lacks constant attack power. However, the team is now trying to create something with a back pass.

14 ‘An encounter in the penalty area of ​​Lanka just before Sunil gets the ball, Sujan swallows the ball. Missed chance!

13′ Free kick for India left in the penalty area, shot by Anirudh Thapa, which is cleared by the Sri Lankan defense

12 ‘This time Mandar Rao can bring another ball into play, but is easily intercepted by goalkeeper Sujan

11′ Chance in Sri Lanka: India pushes the ball into midfield. Mandar Rao now takes the ball forward but it goes out of play

9 ‘chance! Razeek runs into the penalty area to score a left-footed hit that misses the goal, but the defense stayed open

7 ‘The stadium doesn’t have many fans, but the fans, even if they are less present, whistle enough noise to maintain support

Sri Lankan goalkeeper Sujan is back on his feet after being knocked down after a dogfight challenge

5 ‘Yellow card for Sri Lanka. Asikur goes into the book when Udanta goes down. First booking of the game

3 ‘Suresh to Chhetri, Udanta makes a run on the right, but the attack fizzles and the white shirts clear the ball

2′ India runs in the penalty area of ​​Sri Lanka during the Goalkeeper captain controls the ball away from the men in blue.

The game begins with India aiming for a win after the frustrating draw in the first game of this year’s SAFF championship.

4:29 pm: The players Both teams have taken their positions after the national anthem, with the Men in Blue playing from left to right and Sri Lanka starting at the other end.

Igor Stimac stands after the boring draw against Bangladesh, in which an outnumbered India did not win under heavy criticism.

Stimac has made three changes to the team that started against Bangladesh and is hoping to win the tournament.

In the last 20 matches between Indians and Sri Lanka has won Sri Lanka only once and drew four times. The Blue Tigers dominated the game with 15 wins.

India XI: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GK), Rahul Bheke, Subhasish Bose, Seriton Fernandes, Anirudh Thapa, Glan Martins, Sunil Chhetri (C), Udanta Singh, Mandar Rao Desai, Liston Colcao, Suresh Singh

Sri Lanka XI: Sujan Perera (TW and C), Harsha Fernando, Duckson Puslas, Charitha Rathnayake, Kavindu Ishan, Asikur Rahuman, Dillon de Silva, Chalana Chameera, Waseem Razeek, Marvin Hamilton, Jude Supan

A 1-1 draw against 10-man Bangladesh weakens his confidence. India must pull itself together quickly in the second game of the SAFF Championship against Sri Lanka on Thursday.

The Indians go into the game on Thursday due to a disappointing stalemate with Bangladesh, which it should have won as it dominated the majority of the proceedings and even took the lead with a goal from Sunil Chhetri.

That shouldn’t be, however, and India is looking forward to the game in Sri Lanka to claim their first victory in the tournament, which they won seven times. </ Blue Tigers head coach Igor Stimac has come under fire for not having won enough games in the recent past, and he will be under pressure on Thursday.

Despite losing to Bangladesh, India can do it manage to estimate his chances against the lower-ranking Sri Lankans, who struggled throughout the competition and so far lost both games, conceded four goals and scored two.

The islanders have their job in moving up from the bottom of the scoring table.

Chhetri is only one goal behind legendary Pele in terms of international goals scored and a fighting Sri Lanka will be a great opportunity for him to climb another milestone in his illustrious career. – AIFF

Chhetri had given India the lead before Bangladesh was reduced to 10 men after Biswanath Ghosh was given marching orders early in the second half. Yasir Arafat scored for Bangladesh to put his side on par later on.

Chhetri is just one goal behind legendary Pele in terms of international goals scored and a fighting Sri Lanka will be a great opportunity for him to to climb another milestone in his illustrious career. But he will need the support of the others if the team is to get the full points out of the game.

After the disappointment against the brave Bangladesh, Stimac said: « We owe ourselves not to have won the game. » « We had everything under control, we dominated the game, had a lead of one to zero and even a one-man lead.

 » But for unknown reasons we started giving away simple passes and making unnecessary mistakes make.

The head coach is using the tournament as the last opportunity for the players to play international matches before the start of the third round of the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers 2023 next February.

Midfielders: Udanta Singh, Brandon Fernandes, Lalengmawia, Anirudh Thapa, Sahal Abdul Samad, Jeakson Singh, Glan Martins, Suresh Singh, Liston Colaco, Yasir Mohammad.

Midfielders: Mohamed Musthaq, Mohamed Fazal, Marvin Hamilton, Jude Supan, Chalana Chameera, Kavindu Ishan, Dillon de Silva, Edison Figurado, Aman Faizer


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