CM – Selling Fake Covid Vaccination Certificates Via Telegram: Report


The report claims that as early as December 2020 the cybersecurity agency discovered hundreds of advertisements on the darknet alleging vaccines for sale

Fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates are being sold rampantly through the popular Telegram messaging application. A new report has surfaced claiming that fake Covid test results and vaccination certificates from 29 countries are being sold through Telegram.

Check Point Research made a report listing the countries affected by the counterfeit certificate fraud and it even lists the prices at which the counterfeit vaccination certificates are sold. According to the report, a fake vaccination card for India is available for around US $ 75 (5,520 yen) each.

According to the blog, more and more people who avoid vaccinations are choosing forged documents in order to travel without major restrictions.

The blog claims that as early as December 2020, the cybersecurity agency spotted hundreds of ads on the darknet alleging vaccines for sale. The hundreds of advertisements presented at that time an increase of 400% compared to the previous months. In March 2021, as the global adoption of Covid-19 vaccinations accelerated, the number of ads tripled to over 1,200 with sellers in the US and European countries such as Spain, Germany, France and Russia. Fake vaccination passports were priced at $ 250 each, while fake COVID-19 negative test results were only $ 25 each.

The agency released a report in August 2021 claiming that fake « vaccine passport » certificates were being sold for $ 100-120, with the majority of sellers being from European countries.

In August 2021, CPR had around 1,000 salespeople. The blog claims that the number of sellers has grown exponentially to over 10,000, which is a 10x increase.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, various state governments in India have issued certain regulations for people who travel by road or air between states in order to contain the further spread of the virus.

Travelers must show a negative COVID-19 test result (RT-PCR report) or a vaccination card to visit some states that have seen a large influx of tourists.

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