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Meet the diverse writing team at Sex and the City Revival

Here’s how sex and city revitalization can work without Samantha

Carrie Bradshaw is about to get at least one blast from her romantic past as HBO Max’s revival of Sex and the City rolls around.

John Corbett, who made his season debut as furniture maker Aidan Shaw on HBO’s third series 3 gave up until season six and also appeared in the movie Sex and the City 2, says he will appear in the revival, which is titled And Just So ….

« I’ll do the show » Corbett told the New York Post, adding, « I think I might be in some [episodes]. »

As mentioned earlier, the sequel, which begins production in New York in late spring, will be « Carrie , Miranda and Charlotte follow their path from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their thirties to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s. « 

The show’s front woman, Sarah Jessica Parker, will be joined by original co-stars Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda) and Kristin Davis (as Charlotte), but Kim Cattrall’s naughty Samantha will be MIA.

 » Just like in real life, people come into your life, people go, « HBO Max Original Content Director Casey Bloys said earlier of Samantha’s absence. » Friendships fade and new friendships begin. I think it’s all very indicative of that real stages, real stages in life … you’re trying to tell an honest story about how to be a woman in your fifties in New York so it should all feel a little organic, and the friends you have when you are 30, you may not have at 50. « 


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