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Border restrictions with Hong Kong and Macau will also be relaxed as eligible visitors will take a COVID-19 test upon arrival instead of providing a stay-at-home notice in Singapore.

SINGAPORE: Singapore will be on The COVID-19 multi-ministerial task force announced on Thursday (August 19) to introduce its first vaccinated travel routes with Germany and Brunei on September 8th.

Fully vaccinated travelers from Germany or Depart Brunei, enter Singapore without delivering a residence notification.

However, you will need to undergo multiple COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests – a test before departure within 48 hours of the scheduled flight, a test at Arriving at Changi Airport and post-arrival testing on days three and seven at a designated Singapore clinic.

Failure to do the required testing is a criminal offense are act according to the Infectious Diseases Act. Those who fail to do so can receive a stay-at-home notice to be quarantined in a special facility, authorities said.

One person is two weeks after receiving both doses of the Pfizer BioNTech , Moderna or other vaccines that are on the World Health Organization (WHO) emergency list, such as Sinovac and AstraZeneca, as fully vaccinated.

This means that children under the age of 12 who cannot yet be vaccinated are eligible for this Regulation cannot travel.

The vaccinated lanes will be opened for all travel purposes, be it for leisure, business or family visits, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) announced.

Travelers do not have to follow a controlled travel route or sponsor but they must be in Singapore or their country of departure – Germany or Brunei – au in the last 21 consecutive days before their departure for Singapore You must also travel to Singapore on designated non-stop flights that only serve travelers on the vaccinated travel lanes, CAAS said in a press release.

The designated flights from Germany are operated by Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa . Currently, seven flights per week or one flight per day from Frankfurt or Munich are planned.

Currently, people can travel from Singapore to Germany without restrictions on vaccination status and quarantine requirements, CAAS noted.

With the vaccinated travel routes Travelers, when returning to Singapore on the designated flights from Germany to Singapore, do not make a stay notification here, but are routinely tested.

Singapore Airlines and Royal Brunei Airlines will operate the designated flights from Brunei to Singapore, and there will be three designated flights per week.

Previous travel arrangements allowed travelers from Brunei to pursue their activities in Singapore without providing a home-stay notice if their COVID-19 PCR test results were negative on arrival. </ Outside of the vaccinated itineraries, Singapore is becoming the limits there due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases z tighten control measures for people with travel experience to Brunei, said the Ministry of Health in a separate press release.

Short-term visitors and holders of a long-term passport must apply for a vaccinated passport in order to travel from Germany or Brunei to Singapore. Applications for these passports will be open from September 1st.

As part of the application, travelers will need to prepay their PCR tests for day three and day seven and their vaccination status will be verified upon entry into Singapore.

Short-term visitors who require a visa to enter Singapore must also apply for one. They are advised to do so after their vaccination records have been approved and before they leave for Singapore, authorities said.

They must also purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of S $ 30,000 for medical treatment and hospitalization related to COVID-19 before traveling to Singapore.

All visitors must also use the TraceTogether app in Singapore for easy contact tracing, CAAS said.

Fully vaccinated Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) do not need a vaccination certificate apply to enter Singapore as part of the program.

Anyone vaccinated in Singapore can view their vaccination status in the HealthHub app when checking in at the airport before departure for Singapore.

Anyone in Singapore not vaccinated, upon arrival at Changi Airport can provide proof of vaccination to the airline of the country of departure as well as to the Singapore Immigration Service.

As citizens and PRs If Singapore does not need to apply for a vaccination certificate to enter Singapore, the regulation will take effect on September 8th at 12:01 p.m.

Short-term visitors who have traveled to Hong Kong or Macau in the last 21 consecutive days can now from Apply for an Air Travel Pass to enter Singapore on August 26th.

Similar to other agreements with the Air Travel Pass, these visitors will undergo a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival at Changi Airport and can use a negative test result, pursue their activities in Singapore.

You no longer have to give a seven-day notice period to stay at home with a COVID-19 PCR test before the termination expires, said CAAS.

As of August 20 at 11:59 p.m. Singapore citizens, PRs and long-term passport holders who have been in Hong Kong or Macau for the past 21 days and are returning to Singapore must perform a PCR test upon arrival.

If If the result is negative, they are allowed to pursue their activities in Singapore instead of a notification to stay.

– Rapid antigen test and PCR test on arrival. Another PCR test on the 14th day of the return home notification

– Holders of a long-term passport and short-term visitors with a recent travel history to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are not allowed to enter Singapore

Implementation of the travel routes is being done cautiously, starting with two countries with designated flights and safety precautions, he said. This will allow Singapore to learn from the experience and improve processes before expanding the program any further.

Some people may want Singapore to open more vaccinated itineraries while others are more concerned about the risks of reopening Make boundaries, said Iswaran.

« Those who want to do more, I ask for patience. At this point, it is more important that we get it right than that we do it quickly. The experience from the safe implementation of these first steps will enable us to extend the project later with confidence, « he said.

 » I ask for your understanding for the Singaporeans concerned. We are moving in moderation and are starting small with two countries and an essential package of safety precautions. The safety and well-being of our employees will always remain our top priority. We will not throw caution to the wind. « 

 » For these measures we are primarily looking for the support of all Singaporeans. As an open and small economy, our connectivity with the rest of the world is essential, if not existential. Therefore, we have to we’re starting to reopen. « 

When asked if the vaccinated lanes would be closed at the last minute in the event of rising COVID-19 cases – such as the planned Singapore-Hong Kong air travel bubble – Mr Iswaran said these lanes would be closed “Substantially” are different ”in their development.

“ With vaccinated lanes, these are actually relocations that we do. It is entirely the responsibility and control of Singapore in terms of the measures and steps.

“In the case of Germany, for example, you have already opened trips to Germany for Singaporeans. What we are doing now is some consideration by introducing this vaccinated itinerary and the actions we are taking are all from Singapore. ”

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