CM – ‘SNL’: Rami Malek & Pete Davidson gives ‘Squid Game’ country flair in a musical number


The inevitable happened on Saturday Night Live when the Sketch series took on the global phenomenon of the Squid Game thanks to a musical number from Pete Davidson and guest host Rami Malik.

The fake country number, a cover by Branchez & Big Wets « Turn Up On the Weekend » started with Davidson and Malek as country folk who were in financial ruin. Like the indebted candidates from the top Netflix series, the actors’ characters sign up for the Squid Game to pay off their debts. Both put on the teal tracksuits and take part in the deadly games, including red light and green light.

« There’s a robot girl who caught me running, you better duck behind the next guy, » Davidson sings as he runs for cover behind fellow actor Chris Redd. The musical number also featured original artist Branchez & Big Wet.

The number reveals a number of key plot points, from Han Mi-nyeo’s (Kim Joo-Ryung) strategic partnerships to Gi-huns (Lee Jung-jae ) Life after the Squid Game. The song also touches on the game’s prize money and audience confusion about the Korean currency.

« I just won the squid game, killed all my friends to win the squid game, » Davidson sings after talking to Malek about the Glass stairs.

Like Gi-hun, Davidson dyes his hair red. Instead of following Gi-hun’s steps on a flight to the United States, Davidson returns to his bad habits and makes a risky bet that puts him back in debt and back into the squid game. However, instead of winning this time around, Davidson is the first to die.

Squid Game was Netflix’s biggest launch earlier this week, drawing 111 million views in its first month.


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