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According to a new animal and nature study conducted in Spain, there is a significant problem that is destroying one of its most beautiful stretches of coast. The nature reserve Dunas de Maspalomas on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria is known for its wild sand dunes and the beautiful lighthouse and is regularly on the list of attractions on the island. The dunes have been protected by law since 1982 and are one of the last remaining shifting dune systems in Europe. Migratory birds use the site to rest on their journeys between Europe and Africa.

The dunes are currently being studied for reasons other than bird migration. A new article in the Journal of Environmental Management – « Sand, Sun, Sea and Sex with Strangers, the ‘five S ». Characterization of the « cruise » activity and its environmental impact on a protected coastal dune field « – investigates for the first time the environmental impact on the coastal reserve used as a cruise area.

The researcher found and listed 298″ sex spots « on this stretch of coast over an area of ​​two square miles . They mainly examined « bushy and dense vegetation » and nebkhas, dunes that arch around the vegetation. The study took place in May 2018, a period during which the local Gay Pride festival was also held. The gender of the tourists and the « cruiser trampling » not only have a direct effect on the Nebkhas, but also on eight native plant species, three of which are endemic, they found.

Tourists have built their own « nests » in the dunes who have favourited trampling on vegetation and throwing away waste such as condoms, toilet paper and cans. The more remote the spot, the more it was frequented for sex on the beach and the more rubbish was found. Although garbage bags are made available to the public, they were often full. It is said to have been given a « total abandonment » of the « primary activity » of the dune reserve, which was created with environmental education in mind.

Coastal dune systems are a crucial part of the marine landscape, but have been used to promote tourism around the world to attract – with devastating consequences, write the authors. “In many cases, their deterioration was a direct result of tourism development,” the paper says. As Patrick Hesp, one of the authors, wrote in his separate article, « We are not calling for an end to sex in public – but we want people to be aware of the harm it can do. » A couple, the sex on the beach, he wrote, is one thing; But hundreds converging in the same area every day is just as damaging to the dunes as driving off-road.

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