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Wed June 9, 2021 05/12 BST

First published on Wed, June 9, 2021, 09/10 BST

12:03 p.m. BST12: 03

40 minutes: Fittler has never clapped his coaching box so hard, excited about Mitchell’s defensive position to help the blues off his own goal line. Now the Souths man is gone, avoiding a tackle. Just as the whistle sounds, hand-to-hand combat breaks out. That pushing and shoving always makes me giggle. Apparently Murray didn’t like what Feldt Addo-Carr was doing while he was there. But nothing changes, because the Blues are leading by 14 points and have given Paul Green’s hosts a task in the second half.

11:57 a.m. BST11:57

38 minutes: Qld has six again and a good chance to close the deficit a little more. Munster stabs in the dark and To’o has it before you can say “Boo”, but he’s knocked down and Qld has another sentence.

11:55 a.m. BST11: 55

36 minutes: Capewell is in and the boy needed that just before half-time. Holmes is quite weird, but he transforms with aplomb. Trbojevic won’t be happy with the mistake Capewell let through. Referee Sutton just sent Cleary off the field to show his face.

11:53 a.m. BST11: 53

34 minutes: The players are out there in the wars. Cleary’s cut keeps dripping and Fifita is now for an HIA. Kaufusi drops the ball right after Qld had a six again.

11:49 a.m. BST11: 49

Who else besides Tom Trbojevic claims the first attempt by Origin I. 💪 Watch: @ Channel9Stream: #NRL #Origin

11:47 a.m. BST11: 47

27 minutes: Queensland is on the ropes throughout the set while NSW is making short passes to the left. Gagai attacked Sims pretty low, which leaves his arms free for a perfect pass to To’o in space to run the final few steps home. Cleary has been patched and is converting on the angle. On top of the bad news for Qld, there’s news that Welch failed his HIA. No wonder when you consider how he looked.

11:41 am BST 11:41 am

24 minutes: This time it’s To’o in the left corner. Cook is the orchestrator who meanders through the Maroons defenses and flies a pass that hits Tedesco and jumps backwards. He gathers up again and then it’s Luai, Mitchell and To’o. Cleary has blood running down his face. But my, Cook is so quick. He’s a champion in Surf Life Saving Flags, did you know? Mitchell starts the conversion.

11:36 a.m. BST11: 36

18 minutes: Tommy Turbo! He storms forward on the right side and gets a long pass, passes a static capewell on the outside and is inside. That was too easy, and my Queensland will feel this unnecessary penalty in advance, as Feldt Addo Carr, NSW is supposed to give six again. Trbojevic has been an outstanding one so far.

11:29 am BST11: 29

16 minutes: Looks like Munster didn’t hear a Six-to-Go call. The crowd must be deafening. He kicks and donates NSW property.

11:26 am BST11: 26

13 minutes: Luai stabs the ball into the Queensland corner and Holmes scoops. Feldt brings the ball to the 30-meter line and Cherry-Evans kicks early. Ouch. Welsh is dizzy after a head crash. He trips while trying to walk and a coach escorts him off the field for a KIA. His night should be over.

11:23 a.m. BST11: 23

10 minutes: This game is lightning fast on this tough court. And how different the conditions are in Townsville at 18C, while Melbourne, where this should be played, is 18C and rainy. DCE is penalized and Nathan Cleary does the honor of giving the Blues their first two points. Probably fair – they outperformed the opening exchanges.

11:17 a.m. BST11: 17

5 minutes: Kyle Feldt had some nice touches, a Townsville man who made his debut at 29 as the Maroons pushed forward. However, Fifita is ready for it. The ball ping pong before NSW is back in position, but there was an unnecessary drop as they neared the 20-yard line. Mitchell’s pass wasn’t amazing, but Sims probably should have caught it.

11.14 a.m. BST11: 14

2 minutes: NSW goes through a set before Cleary gets a kick and Welsh and Grant make up some ground.

11.11 a.m. BST11: 11

The players are out on the field and the Welcome to Country has been held. Now it’s the anthem. Close.

11:07 am BST11: 07

I’m not taking advantage of Gallen’s wisdom, but from my standpoint, NSW is best served with a few early tries, start on the front foot and take away the Queensland home advantage. The stadium is seriously maroon at the moment, maybe most of what we’ve seen.

11.00 a.m. BST11: 00

While the players are warming up in the shed, the former blues captain Paul Gallen stands on the pitch and gives wise advice.

“Stick to the game plan. Give 100% effort, 100% of the time. And if all else fails, just smash them. ”

10:56 a.m. CEST10:56

Here is more about the extraordinary content from Gladys Berejiklian’s … darkened room? It’s only a matter of time before it’s trendy.

10:51 a.m. BST10:51

According to James Tedesco, the Maroons should be concerned about Tom Trbojevic. I have to say I agree.

Not many blue shirts in the crowd and it looks like Flinders Street is rocking. If you thought Brissy was Queensland, you should visit Townsville.

Gould addresses the position of the blues in the nine panel: « We’re fine as long as they don’t jump over the fence. » Believe it or not, NSW are favorites according to bookmakers. I think that’s tradition. Billy Slater reckoned the dry ground would be fine for Brad Fittler’s side this week. Think we’ll find out shortly.

10:42 a.m. BST10: 42

The big question mark looming over this game is, of course, how crackdown on high hits will manifest itself in terms of governance.

The NRL has already stated that it will instruct referee Gerard Sutton to act in the same way as in an NRL game, which would mean severe penalties for high contact, accidental or otherwise.

Queensland captain Daly Cherry-Evans called for a « gentlemen’s agreement » between the two states, so as not to milk high contacts. NRL soccer boss Graham Annesley said it was « a concern ».

« It’s a problem that is difficult to deal with, » Annesley said this week. « The game review committee has the option to indict players for their potentially contradicting behavior.

 » I would like to believe that the vast majority of players in our game don’t. I’ve already seen the NSW Origin trainer come out and say NSW players won’t, and I’m sure Queensland is the same. ”

You are wondering if accidental contact with you Eviction leads or will there be some leeway if players are reported and treated accordingly?

10:31 a.m. BST10: 31

10.09 a.m. BST10: 09

10.08 a.m. BST10: 08

The week of the country of origin is rarely dramatic. The past few years have generated at least one headline a day and enough tit-for-tat to last a lifetime, let alone 3×80 minutes of rugby league. In 2020, of course, the NRL withdrew from its plan to forego the national anthem (hello ScoMo!).

The structure for the first game in this series did not disappoint. Granted, it didn’t deliver at Robbie-Kearns-fall-of-horses level, but still … we witnessed NSW espionage to hide a POSITION SWITCH between blues wingers Josh Addo-Carr and Brian To o, Queensland’s « smoke screening » around Dane Gagai’s alleged tonsillitis and Phil Gould’s deep concern about the potential of tough crackdowns to mitigate Origin’s « gladiators ».

Oh, ICYMI, there was also a venue change after Victoria’s Covid outbreak was forced was to move the first game to Townsville. Interested to hear your thoughts. In my humble opinion, it is an excellent decision and a real regional victory that could still point the way for the future. Should we share the Origin love a little more?

Anyway, let’s go. Whether you’re sitting on a bar stool, sitting in a tent, or checking the score while you watch reruns of Friends, we will endeavor to keep you updated on all happenings at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium.


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