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Paul Hyland

A young Meath man described how Storm Barra resulted in a very frightening experience during a flight he was traveling on this morning.

The man who called himself Joe , told RTÉ’s Liveline program that the pilot was forced to abandon the first landing when his flight reached Dublin Airport because the storm winds affected landing procedures.

He said the pilot had to bypass the runway and the Start landing a second time to park the aircraft safely.

« As it (the aircraft) approached the ground, it was very much like rocking from side to side … If you can see the ground, when you approach I was near the wing and you could see the flaps go up and they put the thrust up and took off very quickly.

« Then the pilot came over the intercom and said : ‘We just have a missed approach procedure you guided ‘. That is, they tried to land, but it was too rocky. So he said, ‘We’ll stay up here five minutes and then let you know what we’re going to do,’ « he explained.

Joe said the pilot then took the plane around Dublin Bay again before taking his Made final approach and landed safely.

He said it was a terrible experience for many passengers as some became physically ill and were very worried.

Joe said when the pilot was making his final approach he decided to to go into the “crash landing position” and the woman next to him reached for consolation.

“I could hear the woman next to me sobbing. I had my eyes closed … but I could hear the woman sob and then I could feel her grab my sleeve and so on. Then she apologized for grabbing me.

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Joe said when the plane finally came to a standstill, he could disembark as usual and is now safely home.




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