CM – « Strange »: MasterChef hopefully booted


Can you believe it’s been a full 12 months since we sat down to see MasterChef Australia together? Gosh, didn’t it just fly by?

It feels like we were on the couch with Melissa, Jock and Andy just yesterday and cried into our Risoni Bolognese.

But here we are again and despite all the odds, the producers managed to track down the only 26 people in Australia who still want to become chefs.

We only need 16 finalists, which means 10 will have to make some very nasty calls to their ex-employers tomorrow.

In order to create the MasterChef Australia shortlist and ensure meaningful employment for the next 12 weeks, participants only have 75 minutes to recreate their signature court for the judges. You have to get three yeses or you will be back tomorrow night to start cooking again.

After throwing himself between a Woolies Chook roll and a servo cake, he decided to make a braised leg of lamb with baba ganoush and flatbread.

The judges love it. Brent gets a white apron and is on the next round.

Next up is Therese, a performance analyst who dreams of having a job that doesn’t make her scream inside.

She cracked the numbers and came to the sad fact that MasterChef Australia is her best chance to get out. To secure her place in the competition, she makes a mushroom-inspired dessert called « Into the Mist ».

That said, every dessert must resemble either an edible garden or an intergalactic space landscape and have no fewer than eight elements that it can somehow create.

« I show love when I eat, and I learned that from my mother, » he says and for heaven’s sake give the boy an apron.

Then Scott announces that his signature dish is truffle choux brittle, and at that point I begin to question my own signature dish, a cheesy pesto jaffle.

Next up is Justin, who says he’s from Perth, « the best city in the world, » and everyone laughs. That’s it from Justin.

And now we get to the part where we wonder if someone is actually going home or if someone forgot to book the Uber.

Then we meet Ben, an unemployed flight attendant who pours a greenish cream into a gun siphon.

« The texture of the ice was weird, » says Jock. There is no crémeux, no sable, no dacquoise, just a sad pile of green cupcakes. Sorry Ben, but you get the beige apron of shame.

And so it goes on until the winners and losers are neatly separated like a perfectly cracked egg. But it’s not over yet, tomorrow evening we’ll find out who will live out their lifelong dreams and who will crush theirs like matcha crumbs.


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