CM – Supreme Court leaves affordable care law intact


WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Thursday denied a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, upholding the 2010 Health Care Act for the third time.

Texas and other Republican states, with the support of the Trump administration, tried to pass the law overturned on technical grounds after Congress reduced the tax penalty for lack of health insurance to zero. 7-2 Thursday’s decision, written by Justice

Stephen Breyer,

found that none of the plaintiffs had suffered any harm from the waiver of the sentence and therefore they were not entitled to file the lawsuit in the first place.

« We are not reaching these questions of the validity of the law, » wrote Judge Breyer. « Texas and the other plaintiffs in this lawsuit lack the credibility to bring them. »

The majority were joined by Chief Justice

John Roberts

and judges

Clarence Thomas,

Sonia Sotomayor,

Elena Kagan,

Brett Kavanaugh

and Amy Coney-Barrett.

Contradicting Justice

Samuel Alito,

connected with justice

Neil Gorsuch,

accused the majority of evading constitutional issues that Conservatives have argued for years that federal health care reform is unconstitutional.

A Texas federal judge ruled in 2018 that the entire health law was invalid, a decision that never went into effect. A year later, a federal appeals court agreed that the insurance mandate was unconstitutional, but ordered that the court of first instance should re-examine whether other parts of the extensive law could remain in force.

The decision of the higher regional court overturned these rulings . Had the judges invalidated the ACA, their ruling could have upset the healthcare market and resulted in a significant increase in the number of uninsured Americans.

A split Supreme Court previously upheld the mandate in a 2012 ruling that was based on the power of Congress to collect taxes. Legislators reduced the Republican tax reform package penalty to $ 0 in 2017, and GOP-led states argued that the change meant the mandate could no longer be sustained under the tax authority.

In addition to In order to have health insurance for the majority of people, the Affordable Care Act prohibited insurers from refusing or charging more to those with existing health problems. It also expanded the availability of Medicaid coverage for Americans with limited incomes, and allowed young adults to stick to their parents’ plans until the age of 26.

The SAO has hundreds of other provisions, from birth control and immunization up to health fraud and menu nutrition labeling.

When the Trump administration abandoned the ACA’s defense, California and other Democratic-controlled states intervened to defend the law.


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