CM – Take Action To Alleviate The Plight Of The Homeless In 8 Weeks: Rights Body to Center


A well-known human rights activist urged secretaries to act within eight weeks.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) interviewed secretaries of various central ministries, including Home, Health and Family Welfare, and Housing and Urban Poverty Reduction, on Tuesday about the plight of millions of homeless and street children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to a petition from Radhakanta Tripathy, a prominent human rights activist and civil rights activist at the Supreme Court, the NHRC urged secretaries to act within eight weeks .

Mr Tripathy has claimed in his petition that millions of homeless people, including many street children in India, have suffered immensely for a long time.

« They are particularly susceptible to COVID infection without the bare essentials and COVID tests and precautionary measures suspended. They suffer quietly without basic human rights in all states and union territories of India due to negligence, inaction and failure of government agencies in India. « This is a serious human rights problem during the pandemic in India, » claimed Mr Tripathy.

He cited several examples and the available census data of around 13.7 million households, or 17.4 percent of urban households living in informal settlements. The census shows that 69 percent of Indian homes have only one or two rooms. Approximately 78 million people in India live in slums and tenement houses, while 17 percent of the world’s slum dwellers live in India.

The petition states that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines « homeless » as those who are due to a lack of adequate housing, security and availability have no regular residence.

“The UN declares that the right to ang Adequate housing is about home security, affordability, access to services, and cultural adequacy. It’s about protecting against eviction and displacement, about combating homelessness, poverty and exclusion, « it said.

 » In India, however, ‘homeless’ defines those who do not live in census houses, but rather walk on sidewalks, Roadsides, platforms, stairs, temples, streets, in pipes or other open spaces. There is a high proportion of the mentally ill and street children in the homeless population. What is even more worrying is that there is a ‘homeless generation’ in India « The plea reads.

The human rights activist announced that there are around 18 million street children in India, the largest number of any country in the world, with eleven million living in cities.

while the pandemic also fought for the rights of crematorium and cemetery workers and hearse drivers, stated that the basic precaution during the pandemic is to stay home . “But how do homeless people stay at home? In addition, it is almost impossible to practice ‘social distancing’ in informal settlements and homeless clusters and shelters, « he said.

The 2011 Census data shows that 4.3 percent of households in rural areas and 3.1 percent Percent in urban areas do not have exclusive rooms. Over 39 percent of households in rural and 32.1 percent of urban areas have a room, the plea said.

Recalling the fact that India needs modern public health law and realistic housing policies, Mr Tripathy urged the NHRC to act on a war basis and requested a comprehensive and detailed report for integrated, comprehensive and holistic care for the homeless and street children in India during and after the pandemic.

The NHRC stated in its order: “This complaint will be forwarded to the authority concerned so that it will be deemed appropriate. The authority concerned is instructed to take appropriate measures within 8 weeks to connect the complainant / victim and inform him / her of the measures taken in the case. « 

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