CM – Taylor Swift just teased the « Red (Taylor’s Version) » Vault songs in a cryptic new video


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Red’s vault (Taylor’s version) has officially opened, but the mystery is far from solved. On Thursday morning Taylor Swift shared a cryptic video promoting the upcoming album and Swifties are working hard as we speak to get all the information they can from the clues.

The video shows a red vault from which jumbled letters flow: « * Presses Post * * cackles manically * Level: casually cruel in the name of honesty, » she wrote next to the post. Meanwhile, an apparently reversed song is playing in the background.

It seems that Taylor is providing information and possibly track names for the « From the Vault » songs on the upcoming album. Although Taylor posted a very similar video prior to the release of Fearless (Taylor’s version), this one seems a little more complicated. « HOW ARE SO MANY LETTERS ON EACH SINGLE ?! » tweeted a fan, « I found out last time but idk, if I will this time, god I love you and your genius @ taylorswift13. »

HOW ARE THERE SO MANY LETTERS ON EACH SINGLE ?! I found out last time but idk if I will this time 😂 God I love you and your genius @ taylorswift13

Some were quick to notice that all « words » are the same Number of letters and when they are lined up they seem to form a kind of word search. From there, fans could pull out words like « nothing », « bottle », « message » and « winter ».

One of the most striking finds, however, were « Phoebe » and « Bridgers », which led many to believe that the artist would be featured on one of the bonus tracks.

I’ve decided this is a crossword puzzle and so far I’ve found a better man, Zyn (zayn ??), Ronan and Phoebe Bridger

As for the background music, when you turn them around, there are some lyrics that you can make out. At one point, it sounds like Taylor is singing « breath », although it’s still pretty hard to understand.

We know that there will be a lot of « From the Vault » songs coming up in Red (Taylor’s version) as the album will contain a total of 30 songs (including a ten minute version of « All Too Well ». Decipher here but if I know Swifties they’ll find out when it’s the last thing they do.


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