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CM – The 8 best basement lighting options to brighten up your space

We've rounded up the best basement lighting options on the market to help you create a warm and welcoming space that you and your family can enjoy.

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We have put together the best basement lighting options on the market that will make any type of basement cozier and more functional in no time.

Even if you lack the abundant natural light that you enjoy on the other floors of your home, you have to Your basement won’t be dark and drab. By effectively lighting your basement, you can make it much more functional and inviting, whether it’s a completely finished room or a garage-style workshop area. There are also a variety of basement lighting options to choose from, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits the style and decor of your current space. Proper lighting can not only reduce the risk of falls and other accidents, but can also help your basement feel like a natural extension of your home, potentially increasing your home’s resale value.

The first thing you should think about what kind of basement you have. If it’s a rough, unfinished basement primarily used as a storage or workshop space, you probably want a light with maximum visibility, similar to models you would use in your garage like the Amico LED Garage Lights or the BBOUNDER 4-pack linkable LED. When you have a finished basement, you’ll likely want to choose a more stylish option that will go with the rest of your decor.

You should also consider which type of lighting is best for your basement. Track lighting uses a long “track” to which a number of lights are mounted, and since you don’t have to install each light individually, installation is relatively easy. Recessed lights offer a flat solution, and since the light body fits into the ceiling, they’re ideal for those who want a minimal, understated look. Task lights usually hang from the ceiling and are used to draw attention to a specific area such as a bar or gaming table. However, the term work lighting doesn’t always mean that a piece is functional: work lights can be single or multiple pendant lights, or larger and more ornate options like chandeliers.

You should also think about how your basement lighting will be installed. While some can easily be screwed into existing lamp bases or plugged into your electrical outlet, others may need to be hard-wired. If you feel uncomfortable with live cables, you need to hire a professional, which increases the overall cost of your basement lighting project.

Also consider what type of light bulb you want to use. Some lights with LED chips don’t use a lightbulb at all, which means the lighting component inside cannot be replaced – something to keep in mind if you are interested in this type of basement lighting. If you want to use your own CFL or incandescent bulbs, make sure the lamps you choose accept them.

We have lived in houses with unfinished and finished basements and have hands-on experience installing and removing lighting fixtures. We used this experience, combined with extensive online research, to compile this list of lighting options.

We have done our best to accommodate a wide variety of lighting products, taking into account different basement types and interior styles as we consider options. We also made sure to include a range of prices so whatever your budget or basement you should be able to find a light fixture that suits your needs.

If you are looking for a large quantity of LED recessed lights at a reasonable price, this set could be for you. It contains a dozen 5-inch lights, each with their own junction box that can easily be plugged into your existing wiring.

If you have the expertise or want to hire an electrician, these lights can be used for a relatively simple installation process can also be conveniently connected in series.

Each luminaire uses a pair of spring clips that fit into the ceiling and are not visible, making for a clean, flat presentation.

This track light from Cloudy Bay has four rotatable LED heads that are all mounted on an adjustable bracket, making them perfect for those who want maximum versatility. The LED chips produce a warm white light and can be dimmed down to 10% brightness.

This kit is also supplied with all necessary installation parts and can be mounted on sloping and vaulted ceilings. It even comes with a 5 year warranty and a 25,000 hour guarantee. The white finish should harmonize with most finished ceilings, but is also available in black if you prefer.

This 47.4-inch LED light is mounted directly on the ceiling and, thanks to its wraparound design, can be a It emits an impressive amount of light both downwards and outwards.

Despite its powerful 2900 lumens output, this luminaire has a relatively flat design that sits just 2.6 inches from the ceiling and has a modern, minimalist style should fit into most finished basements.

This light is also designed for durability: With six hours of daily use, the LEDs should last 22 years. If you’d prefer a shorter option, it’s also available in a two-foot version.

If you have a specific area in your basement that you want to draw attention to, like a countertop or wet bar, a pendant light like this could be a great option.

The cored glass shade and the Metal cages give it a rustic style, and the base is compatible with any type of E26 lightbulb. Its adjustable hanging cord allows you to adjust the distance from the ceiling, and the 6.3-inch diameter means it won’t overwhelm smaller spaces. For those who need a little more power, this is also available in a three-light option.

You probably wouldn’t work with a finished basement, but these garage-style lights would be perfect for a workshop that needs maximum visibility . This set contains four lighting units, each with three LED panels that can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.

This design allows you to adjust the orientation of each individual panel, which makes these lights the most versatile option on our list. They can also be installed without any wiring and are screwed directly into the existing base on your ceiling. The lights also sit just 5.4 inches from the ceiling, which gives them a relatively low profile.

If you’re looking for the high performance and hassle-free installation of a shop light, this set of four could be hanging bbounder lights could be a good choice. The exposed tube design allows for an expansive beam angle of 240 degrees and should cover an impressive amount of space with a length of 48 inches. The lights plug directly into an electrical outlet so no wiring is required, and you can easily connect all four lights together if you want.

All mounting hardware is included, including wall anchors, chains and hanging hooks, and with just four pounds per light, these shouldn’t be too difficult to install yourself.

If you want targeted lighting for your pool table, consider this Wellmet hanging light fixture. Its 43-inch length makes it long enough to light the entire table, and the Tiffany-style shade should fit snugly in a traditional bar or man-cave style playroom.

You can use CFL, Use incandescent or LED lights, and the 1.2m adjustable chain allows you to easily adjust the height above the table.

It’s quite expensive, but if your priority is the pool hall look Recreate it in your basement could be worth the investment.

This 12 inch recessed light is a great option if you want to add lots of light to your basement on a budget.

At $ 27 each this is a solid value and its powerful LEDs produce a uniform, flicker-free light. Although a hardwired installation is required, this model makes the process easier than most, and the light itself just turns on when you’re done.

Best of all, it’s less than an inch from away from the ceiling, giving it an attractive, low profile. However, it is not dimmable so keep that in mind.


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