CM – The bakery buys chips to fight veterans


Ipswich residents can contribute to a charity that helps contested veterans buy the groceries this weekend.

Cole’s supermarkets across Ipswich donate 50 cents from the sale of each pack of their own brand of biscuits and cookies Cookies by Anzac Day.

Customers can also donate at the checkout. Funds can also be used by the charity to pay medical fees, receive grocery vouchers, cover utility bills and training costs for Australian service staff.

Data from Bravery Trust shows that COVID-19 has posed significant challenges for veterans and their families. The organization has received 10,000 calls for help since the pandemic began and has seen support requests increase by 20 percent since the pandemic grant ended last month.

Steven Cain, CEO of Coles Group, said Coles was passionate about helping the Bravery Trust. Some employees of the supermarket giant have connections to the Defense Force.

« As a long-standing Australian company, we sincerely value the service of current and former members of the Australian Defense Forces and, together with our customers, would like to remind and support service men and women who are due to Injuries or illnesses in trouble are their service, ”he said.

« It has been a very challenging 12 months for many of our veterans affected by the pandemic, bushfires and recent floods, » said Ms. Wilson.

“We work with the whole family to ensure they receive adequate and targeted support from all sources, including government support. Through personalized financial advice, we can work with families to help them with their long-term budgeting and financial security. “


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