CM – The Congressman uses the word « T » and sets 3 options for Biden to exit


If Joe Biden does not resign or is not deposed by the 25th Amendment, he will face impeachment and impeachment for « treason » following his disastrous handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Republican MP from Alabama said. Mo Brooks.

Biden “has proven to be a complete and utter fiasco. The horror of dead American service members giving their lives to defend a botched Afghanistan withdrawal is Joe Biden’s height of incompetence, ”Brooks said in a statement. As such, Biden should « step down in the name of honor ».

Brooks continued, « America and the free world simply cannot afford the risks of such an empty man in office as President of the United States. » If Biden refuses to do the honorable thing and resign, then under the 25th Amendment, Vice President Harris should make efforts to remove President Biden.

If Harris refuses to obey the 25th Amendment, Brooks said: « Congress must open an impeachment investigation to determine whether President Biden should be charged with » treason, bribery, or other serious crimes and misdemeanors « for » holding on to the enemies [of America], giving them help and comfort.  » Impeachment proceedings that Congress must answer is whether President Biden supported or aided the transfer of advanced American weapons to the Taliban and other terrorist entities, all of which were and are enemies of the United States. If so, President Biden must be indicted under Article 3 Section 3 and Article 2 Section 4. ”

A secondary impeachment question, Brooks said, relates to“ Constitutional Article 4, Section 4, which says, ‘The United States should. . . protect (any state in that union) from invasion. ”The word“ invasion ”is used by the Oxford Dictionary as“ an intrusion of a large number of people or things into a place or area of ​​activity ”or“ an undesirable intrusion into the domain of a other « defined. » Under any definition of « invasion », President Biden actively supports, supports, and coordinates an « invasion » across America’s porous southern border into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and the rest of America, and as such, President Biden’s southern border Border separation should be fully investigated to determine whether it, too, is an indictable criminal offense. ”

Biden“ gave the Taliban and terrorist units excessive control over the lives of Americans, American military equipment and personnel, thereby reducing them all were put at risk, ”said Brooks. “To emphasize, Biden armed the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, all enemies of the United States, with the latest and greatest in military technology and equipment America has to offer. President Biden’s failure has caused a humanitarian crisis and the worst American loss of life in Afghanistan in a decade. President Biden failed as Commander in Chief. President Biden is unable to face the challenges of being a President of the United States. He is mentally incapable of holding the presidency. In a recent press conference, Biden said he was responsible for what has developed. I agree. Therefore, it is honorable for Biden to step down. « 

To say that today’s loss of American lives in Kabul is disgusting doesn’t do justice to what happened. It’s angry. And Joe Biden is responsible. It is now clearly clear that he has neither the ability nor the will to lead. He must resign

Afghan disaster, Congressman uses the word « T » Joe Biden, Rep. Mo Brooks, sets 3 options for getting out of Biden stipulates,

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