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CM – The council supports the state of development in the sand

A city council quoted the Bible while rejecting a development proposal, saying this could leave the city council open to legal action for negligence.

Are you building on the rock and not on the sand? This is the message a Noosa city council has given to support a state government-led rejection of a seaside subdivision in Sunshine Beach.

Aside from Amelia Lorentson, who was absent, the city councils unanimously opposed this on Friday Landowners Ross and Penelope Sykes offer to cut open their Ross Crescent block. Councilor Brian Stockwell said approving the application could leave the council open to legal action for negligence on a property that already has a home and one Pool were built on site.

He quoted a biblical saying to council members about the wisdom of building on the rock, not the sand, to support rejection.

« It has been known since biblical times that building on sand is a high risk strategy. Our plan is to reduce the risk of the cost to the community.  » ??? Mr. Stockwell said.

What this division would do if approved would increase the risk, not only the potential risk to the people who would live there, but also the risk associated with protecting it to lose the beach that people from all over the world come to enjoy.

« My understanding (is) that if we went against the state, we would break the law. » Mrs. Coyle said.

« The site is currently in a high risk of erosion and will continue to be affected by the projected effects of climate change. »

Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart said the Department of State Development ordered the rejection in accordance with Section 62 of the Planning Act.

« Our hands are tied in this situation because the council has to follow an instruction from the state government, » Ms. Stewart said.

« It would be irresponsible and unsafe for the people investing in and on this property want to live if we approve a subdivision in this block.  » Mr. Wilkie said.

The Sykesâ ???? Application states that subdivision should be allowed because urban infill development is an effective use of land.

Application states that development should be in line with existing development on site and in an area outside of the frontal dune systems It is said that there is no coastal construction line on the site to identify areas prone to coastal erosion and that the proposed house site is not easily visible to the surrounding area.

« The layout of the subdivision will be Considered an appropriate design taking into account the surrounding street and settlement pattern and the topography of the site.  » The application says.


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