CM – The Jamaican track star Elaine Thompson-Herah breaks Florence Griffith-Joyner’s Olympic record


The Jamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson-Herah makes headlines with her record-breaking Olympic victory over 100 meters in the women.

On Saturday Thompson-Herah won gold at the Tokyo Summer Games. The 29-year-old track star drove 10.61 seconds, breaking Florence Griffith-Joyner’s 10.62 mark at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

« There was a lot of nerve behind that 10.6 and I said, ‘You you can do that, you’ve been here before, just do it, ‘ »said Thompson-Herah, reported The Athletic.

Thompson-Herah is the defending champion. She led Jamaica’s victory by overtaking runner-up Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, who ran 10.74 seconds. Shericka Jackson finished third and took the bronze medal in 10.76 seconds.

Teahna Daniels was the only American sprinter to reach the final. She finished seventh with a time of 02/11.

Many fans believed that US sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson would have been a top competitor at the Tokyo Olympics. Last month, the 21-year-old was suspended after testing positive for marijuana. Their absence from the Olympics gave Jamaica an opportunity to sweep the 100-meter race.

« I think I could have gone faster if I hadn’t really shown and celebrated, » said Thompson-Herah. “But to show you that there is still more in stock. Hopefully I can unleash this time one day. ”

Thompson Hera’s end time of 10.61 seconds was the second fastest time in history. Florence Griffith Joyner, also known as Flo-Jo, set the world record of 10.49 in July 1988.

« Two months ago, probably a month and a half ago, I didn’t think I’d be here today, » said Thompson-Herah. “I kept my composure. I believed in myself. ”

Thompson-Herah sprinted to the finish line despite an Achilles tendon injury. She worked her way through her previous pain to secure a spot in the Tokyo Olympics. Thompson-Herah trained for the moment and didn’t let anything stop him. Now Thompson Herah is preparing for her next historic race.

Just a little girl from BANANA GROUND who loved to run. Believe in your dreams, work hard and believe in God … ETH

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