CM – The NBA player takes a stand on the COVID vaccine days after the media smeared him with an obvious lie


NBA power forward Jonathan Isaac, who plays for Orlando Magic, gave an eloquent response Monday to reporters who keep harassing him with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rolling Stone grossly slandered Isaac over the weekend by introducing him to some of the NBA’s top superstars.
in an article calling vaccine-reluctant gamers « anti-Vaxxers ».

The conclusion, of course, can be perhaps the most unkind description of superstar athletes who, in their prime, make their own decisions about the COVID vaccine. The labeling as « Anti-Vax » also suggests that they are against any vaccine, which is very unlikely. But for Isaac the suggestion that he is an « opponent against » is a blatant lie.

Isaac – a 23 year old devout Christian and
Ordained Minister – stated Monday that he does not believe the COVID vaccine is necessary for him as he is young, extremely healthy as a professional athlete and has COVID antibodies, which means natural immunity from previous COVID infection.

When asked by another reporter why he « hesitated » to get vaccinated, Isaac gave four reasons:

Later in the press conference, Isaac confirmed that he would follow « whatever protocol » the NBA sets regarding COVID-19 vaccines and COVID-related restrictions.

Jonathan Isaac Answers Questions About His Vaccination Status – Orlando Magic Media Day – 9/27/21

In late summer 2020, amid race riots across the country, Isaac became the first NBA player
to stand for the national anthem as the NBA resumed its 2019-20 season, delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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