CM – The owner of the weather channel is suing McDonalds for $ 10 billion for racism


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Have you ever noticed that The Weather Channel doesn’t advertise McDonalds? Parent company Weather Group LLC and Entertainment Studios Networks Inc, both owned by Byron Allen, believe McDonalds is racist and is being sued for $ 10 billion as a result.

In a lawsuit filed this week at the Filed in the Los Angeles District Supreme Court, Byron Allen’s companies filed a complaint alleging that « McDonalds intentionally discriminated against Entertainment Studios and Weather Group through a pattern of racial stereotypes and denials, » in violation of federal and state law .

Byron Allen acquired the Weather Channel in 2018 through its Entertainment Studios and paid previous owners The Blackstone Group, Bain Capital, and Comcast / NBCUniversal an estimated $ 300 million. Just 10 years earlier, the Weather Channel was acquired by Bain Capital, Blackstone Group and NBCUniversal for $ 3.5 billion.
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Allen, an African American, started out on television as a teenage co-host of the early 1980s reality show Real People on NBC. Since then, he has built a media empire that owns other properties such as, and, as well as 23 ABC / NBC / CBS / FOX-affiliated network stations in 19 US markets. At the time of the Weather Channel purchase, Allen praised the Weather Channel’s role in keeping America safe.

« The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted and vitally important cable networks with information critical to the safety and security of our lives Matters are, « Allen said in a statement for Nearly Four Decades for our Cable Television Networks division. However, since Allen bought the network, the lawsuit alleges that McDonalds refused to advertise despite « buying significant white-owned advertising on similarly located networks ».

« Here it’s about the economic integration of African American-owned companies into the US economy, « said Allen. « McDonald’s takes billions of African American consumers and gives almost nothing in return. The largest trade deficit in America is the trade deficit between White Corporate America and Black America, and McDonald’s is guilty of maintaining that inequality. Economic marginalization must stop immediately. »

On the same day the lawsuit was filed, McDonalds announced that spending on « media, content and production partners in variously owned » was increasing.
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« We have made serious commitments to align with our values ​​and with this latest move we are taking steps to advance diverse owned companies across the marketing supply chain, » said Morgan Flatley, chief marketing and digital customer experience officer, McDonald’s UNITED STATES. « We use our resources to support these platforms and companies that keep the brand at the center of the culture while building deeper relationships with our various customers, crews and employees. »

« As a black entrepreneur, I am proud to To be part of McDonald’s ongoing effort to meet women and diverse owned businesses where they provide much-needed resources to do business in an ever-evolving market, « said Vicki Chancellor. Chairman of the McDonald’s USA Franchisee Marketing Committee. « As a leading brand, we are doing our part to help underserved communities thrive. »

According to a statement released by McDonalds, they plan to increase national investment in variously owned companies from 4% to 10%. Specifically, black-owned media and manufacturing property spending will increase from 2% to 5%, with additional investment going into other segments including Spanish, Asia-Pacific, American, female, and LGBTQ-owned properties.

The answer McDonalds responded to the lawsuit filed the same day it was announced, in short, “We will investigate the complaint and act accordingly.” The lawsuit alleges that McDonalds violated federal and California laws that govern racial discrimination Contracting, and real and triple damages, attorney fees and legal fees, with the total estimated at over $ 10 billion.


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