CM – The two representatives of Heechul & Momo confirm that the couple’s paths have separated


Shortly after reports surfaced that Heechul from Super Junior and Momo from TWICE had split up, representatives from Label SJ and JYP Entertainment released official statements.

A representative from JYP Entertainment gave one on July 8th short statement in which he passed on: « After confirmation [with Momo] it is true that they broke up. »

A Label SJ representative also posted the following: « After confirmation [with Heechul] is it is true that they broke up. However, please understand that we cannot provide any further details on this issue as this concerns the artist’s privacy. Thank you very much. « 

After Heechul and Momo in January After admitting their relationship in 2020, they decided to split up after a year and a half.

I love the statement from Label SJ: « It’s true, but don’t ask senseless questions, he won’t answer »


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