CM – The Weeknd shares ‘Dawn FM’ track listing


Abel’s first full-length statement since his 2020 blockbuster, ‘Dawn FM’, will land on January 7th.

The Weeknd turned into an old man for the album artwork and planned guest appearances for, among other things Oneohtrix Point Never, Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator and Jim Carrey.

The tracks that start with the title cut include ‘A Tale By Quincy’ – presumably the Quincy Jones guest spot – and the finale ‘Phantom Regret by Jim ‘.

1 Dawn FM2 Gasoline3 How do I make you love me? 4 Take my breath away5 Sacrifice6 A story of Quincy7 Out of time8 Let’s go again … 9 Best friends10 Is there anyone else? 11 Starry sky12 Every angel is fearsome13 Don’t break my heart14 I Heard you’re married15 Less than zero16 Phantom Regret of Jim


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