CM – The WHO has been criticized for suggesting that women of childbearing potential should be discouraged from drinking


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THE WORLD HEALTH Organization has been criticized for suggesting that women of childbearing age should be discouraged from drinking.

The WHO’s draft Global Alcohol Action Plan 2022-2030 calls on countries to promote alcohol prevention in To “give appropriate attention” to certain groups, including children, teenagers and women of childbearing potential.

The draft report states: “Preventing alcohol consumption in children and adolescents, preventing alcohol consumption in pregnant women and women of childbearing potential Age and protecting people from the pressures of drinking, especially in high alcohol societies, appropriate attention should be paid to alcohol consumption, where heavy drinkers are encouraged to drink even more. ”

The WHO struck an international day or one week to raise awareness of harmful alcohol consumption or a “World Alcohol Day / Week”.

“Alcohol consumption is deep in anchored in the social landscape of many societies, and in most parts of the world around 2,300 million people drink alcoholic beverages, ”the report said « Extremely worrying » to see WHO « risk hard-won women’s rights by trying to control their bodies and their choices in this way ».

« A global organization like WHO should recognize the power to that carry such dangerous messages about women’s behavior and should be more vigilant about the implications of those messages, ”Murphy said.

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Matt Lambert, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Portman Group, the UK’s social responsibility and alcohol regulator, said WHO has « far exceeded its mandate. »

« We are extremely concerned that the WHO in their latest action plan, calls on countries to prevent drinking by women of childbearing age, « said Lambert.

The HSE notes that the recommended weekly low-risk guidelines are less than 11 standard drinks for women and 17 standard drinks for men

It is recommended to have two to three alcohol-free days per week and not drink more than six standard drinks at once.

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