CM – The wife of the fired Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz breaks the silence: « Trolls are cowards »


The wife of the former Hillsong Mega Church pastor, Carl Lentz, broke her vow of silence six months after the couple was released from the Mega Church because of his infidelity.

« I’ve had these palms every few months Day viewed. & There are many symbolic meanings for these amazing trees, ”40-year-old Laura Lentz begins the meandering Instagram caption on a shot of palm trees and a sunny sky posted on May 5 – the couple’s 18th wedding anniversary. « Some of those who have resonated with me this season of my life: They are strong, can withstand the biggest storms, they always grow upwards. »

The long post goes on to explain that Lentz has taken a break from Instagram has, where she has over 312,000 followers and last posted in October because social media « wasn’t good for my soul ».

42-year-old Carl, who has over 663,000 followers on Instagram, hasn’t posted anything since announcing his departure from Hillsong on Nov. 5.

Before she returned on Wednesday, Lentz said she had « & blocked and deleted more & comments than I can count ».

She also states that « Trolls are cowards » and that « SOME » Christians « are anything but kind, gracious, or loving. » Despite these poisonous individuals, she continues, she cannot be stopped from “& growing up and getting stronger.” Justin Bieber, who once counted Carl among his best friends, has also recently made critical comments and vaguely criticized pastors who “stood on this pedestal”. Other critics of the mega-church have not crushed their words.

In the months since her husband’s affair was revealed and both were fired from their positions as branch leaders of the New York-based Church in New York, Lentz « has learned a great deal about himself, » she wrote. (She also moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles, where paparazzi have continuously documented her time with Carl and her three children.) Laura concludes her post by declaring her heart « free from bitterness » and warning that that she « will not forget who left us » and thanked those who « loved & ».

Among the many responses to the post is a note from Hillsong senior pastor and co-founder Bobbie Houston , 64.

« Laura. It’s been a tough, tough and sad season, « said Houston. “Time is a loyal friend when we allow it to heal. I’m glad you feel stronger Better days are ahead of everyone to pray. – Bobbie ”

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