CM – This company has given all employees $ 10,000 first class airline tickets


The CEO and founder of shapewear company Spanx recently surprised all of her employees with two first-class airline tickets around the world and $ 10,000 for the trip. Sara Blakely, 50, announced the one-time bonus to celebrate her company’s $ 1.2 billion deal with Blackstone.

According to NPR, Ms. Blakely once made a living selling door-to-door fax machines . But that was two decades ago. She has since founded a pioneering shapewear company and was named the youngest self-made billionaire in the world by Forbes in 2012. Now the global investment firm Blackstone is buying a controlling stake in its company Spanx – and Sara Blakely celebrated the news by surprising her employees with two first-class airline tickets around the world, as revealed by a video shared on her Instagram.

« Why shoot I have a globe?  » she asked her assembled employees in the middle of her speech.

Then she announced in front of a room full of stunned employees: « I’m turning a globe, because to celebrate this moment, I have each of your two first-class tickets all over the place World bought. « 

 » You know, when you go on a trip, you might want to go out to a really nice dinner, maybe you want to go to a really nice hotel, « Ms. Blakely went on. « So with everyone’s two first-class tickets to anywhere in the world, everyone gets $ 10,000. »

The camera panned to show the employees cheering loudly over their CEO’s announcement. Some are even torn.

The video has gone viral on social media and has found its way to other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, the video has over 3.2 million views and lots of love collected for Ms. Blakely.

This is how you give something back to your employees and show appreciation. Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, etc .; I hope you take notes. This is an amazing story and tweet. « Employers like this really understand that their company would be nothing without their employees, » wrote one person.

Employers like this really understand that their company would be without their employees nothing would be. I know some bosses out there who would have been like a pizza party here ????

« I can’t imagine how grateful these staff were. What a wonderful way to say thank you! » said another.

So awesome. After working for a company for 30 years, I received a $ 650 gift card. While I appreciated the gift car sent by Human Resources, no one noticed or said anything to me. I can’t imagine how grateful these employees were. What a wonderful way to say thank you!

No, the BEST would have been if she had allowed her (mostly female) employees to make their own * millions * by receiving shares in the company as the valuation rise. Instead, she decided to keep 100% of the owners – and that’s her consolation price.

Oh my god … the criticism and complaint in these comments is incredible. BE HAPPY for these people. It’s incredibly generous.

In her speech, Sara Blakely also remembered her trip with Spanx, which she started in 2000. « I said that one day this company would be worth $ 20 million and everyone laughed at me, » said the visibly emotional CEO.

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