CM – Thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes are being released in Florida


Thousands of genetically engineered mosquitoes were released in Florida this week to control a disease-spreading species of insect.

British biotech company Oxitec’s lively project aims to curb the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the disease how Zika and dengue can spread, The Miami Herald reported.

The project aims to have genetically modified male mosquitoes mate with non-modified females who can bite.

« The female offspring of these encounters can do not survive, and the population of Aedes aegypti will be controlled afterwards, « Oxitec said in a statement.

The modified pests will be placed in six locations in the Florida Keys, with an estimated 12,000 pest populations each week for the next 12 weeks According to Herald, the project was funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Sunshine State, and the local authority Approved for mosquito control.

Mara Daly, who lives in Key Largo and has been protesting the project for years, fears it could harm people and the environment.

« Why aren’t they doing a simple test on locals satisfied who are forced to participate in this project attempt?  » Daly asked.

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