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Sting is an icon in the business, and maybe that’s an understatement, but it had to be said; especially at the beginning of a piece like this.

Sting dominated the Continental Wrestling Association and of course the WCW, becoming in a sense the dressing room leader for these companies (especially WCW) in the 1980s and 1990s – he was often regarded as the Undertaker of WCW, which is perhaps the reason why there was never a match between Taker and Sting in Sting’s time, is the source of deep disappointment for many professional wrestling fans and especially the fans of the two men. < Of course, when WWE bought WCW in 2001, Sting was reluctant to join the company, and he said quite loudly that he felt that the machine that was WWE was underutilizing him.

He would eventually end up there in 2014 after becoming an icon for TNA as well. He had many memorable matches and feuds within that promotion, of course, and in WWE he had a match against Triple H at WrestleMania 31 that he lost, shocking as that was, and a subsequent feud and match with Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions , that resulted in an injury for Sting.

He collapsed in the ring during his match with Rollins and it was soon discovered that the cause of this incident was spinal stenosis, as puts it.

As his Wikipedia page suggests, he stated at the time that he did not experience any of the symptoms associated with such a diagnosis, but he had to withdraw because the WWE had not allowed him to get back into the ring , but he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the following year and left the company shortly thereafter.

Next, fans knew he was a part of AEW and some since signing had great matches in the ring. Sting looks great and he seems to feel great too, doing what he can to stay in the light, where he belongs, but also to shed some light on Darby Allin and other young stars within the company.

On a recent episode of My Mom’s Basement, AEW Founder, President, Co-Owner and CEO Tony Khan spoke about Sting, his run at WWE and how Khan felt about it. He said:

« It’s pretty amazing how much run Sting has had because to be honest … Sting wanted to get back into wrestling … what a great comeback Sting had. It had been a while since Sting won wrestling matches when we last saw Sting didn’t win. The whole time he was back in his last run in competition they were kicking him out of multiple matches, let’s face it …

He should have been presented better and that’s one thing I won’t give in to become. Sting deserves to be treated like one of the great legends in wrestling, and I’ve been with him from the start. « 

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